Thursday, June 21, 2012

Once in a while... Ok a lot of times, this beer guy steps beyond his comfort zone and hits up some Rum!

It’s rare that I venture into shots of anything, but while chilling at the Siesta Key Oyster Bar in Siesta Key Florida last week, I fell victim to a bad influence! His name is Ryan!

We stopped in for some lunch and a few beers at this eclectic little bar on Ocean Boulevard in Siesta Key. A charming little pub with walls and a ceiling covered in dollar bills. HMMMMM. Can’t think of any place else like that! (Willie T’s in Key West!)

Our waitress, Laurie, was as much fun as the ambiance itself! Cheery and pleasant with a smile that was as long as the  coastline, she brought us beer and raw oysters! What more could we ask for?

How about FISH TACOS! WOOT WOOT! Fresh catch of the day, made into a taco and served with a wedge of lemon. YUM!

I began the meal with a Yuengling, but quickly moved to a wonderful treat on tap from the fine folks at Kona Brewing. The Koko Brown was a wonderful addition to the muggy heat of a Florida June day! The sweet aroma was screaming “Tropical Goodness” while the dry coconut background was WAY more refreshing than I had expected!

After the Koko Brown I moved on to a Jai Alai IPA by Cigar City Brewing. This is a favorite of mine when traveling to Florida. It’s just a solid IPA, and no trip to Florida would be complete without one!

By the end of the IPA, fish tacos, half a dozen raw oysters and a shot, I was ready for something light and refreshing!

Curious Traveler by House of Shandy Beer Co. Fit the bill nicely! Colored like straw, and flavored like a wheat bear mixed 3:1 with orange juice, I would call this thing as fresh as a Florida sunrise!
Certainly not the best beer of the weekend, and would have been better before the IPA, I’m really glad I tried it!

On the cocktail front, the RUM STUMBLER was a tasty treat served in a tall cold glass and topped with 151 Rum! Now that’s just hard to beat!

The highlight of the visit was the Oyster Shooter!

Hanger One Chipotle Vodka, Bloody Marry mix, fresh horseradish and a fresh raw oyster. I drool as I write this because I could eat two of these every day for the rest of my life! This is the best shot I’ve ever had! Spicy, savory, strong and with something to chew on at the bottom! Simply delicious!

Check out the video (Which you miss Erin and Jessica because they were filming and holding my teleprompter) and have a great week!



RumShopRyan said...

Great time! So my thinking is if we thought this was fun, what is Key West going to be like? I think my liver just punched me.

Great write up buddy!

BigKahuna Brew said...

OH... I think we both know what Key West will be like... and that's why I'm going!

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