Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wire rack to hold your beer firmly in your chicken's ass!
Last night on the Television, I saw an ad for one of those trendy “Beer Can” chicken devices. I’m sure you’ve seen them. It’s a wire rack that holds your chicken upright and holds a can of beer in the middle.

The theory is that you open a can of beer and set the chicken down onto the rack then grill it. The steam from the beer is supposed to flavor the chicken from “The Inside” and hopefully your grill gets hot enough to cook the top of the bird.

With people having such a fit over some of the chemicals and processes that American Agriculture puts into their food, I find it hard to believe anyone could think this is safe!

Beer cans are lined with plasticizers to prevent the aluminum can from giving you Alzheimer's, and they are painted! Doesn’t that sound like something you want in your food?

They work great for what they are intended to do, which is hold and dispense COLD beer! What would make anyone think that it is a good idea to heat them is beyond me!

Image from Frank's Red Hot!
I suppose that the idea is sound, and may produce a chicken that’s pretty tasty! But this strikes me as a seriously bad idea! Especially since some of us may have a beer or two or three before the chicken goes on the grill in the evening, and may not be thinking 100% clearly when we decide to add smoked paint, plasticizers and whatever other chemicals the hot alcohol vapors can strip from the can to our food.

If you think I’m just being an overly cautious little sally, grab a can of beer and a torch. Heat it up, breath in the smoke that comes off of it, and call me from the hospital! (***DO NOT BREATHE SMOKE FROM A BEER CAN!***)

All Stainless? MUCH BETTER!

If you get one of these gadgets, please find a stainless steel cup to pour the beer into!

As an alternative, try soaking your chicken in beer over-night. Or better yet, skip the trendy injection kits and head for the vet supply store. Grab a 50cc syringe and the biggest needle they have and inject the beer deep into each muscle (of the chicken... Not you!) before grilling. That’ll get the flavor in there for ya!

Whatever you’re grilling, or how you’re cooking it, be sure to share it with friends and family!
Summer is here! Eat it up!


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Anonymous said...

Ha! I like the all important clarification to inject the beer into the *chicken*. I have not tried one of these methods for roasting yet... mainly because I am not to fond of the not-white-meat chicken parts...(i know... picky, picky.) so I figure there would be too much waste doing whole bird. But, the injection method or marinating might be the way to go with some chicken breasts. Or, grill chicken, and "inject" beer to self via esophagus. ;)

Cheers -

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