Thursday, June 14, 2012

You know... I lead a pretty stress-free life! I eat, I sleep, I blog a little, I work a little. I get all worked up and curse when the cows get out. I love. I live. I take time to enjoy things... Or at very least experience them. Good, bad or indifferent, I take things as they are and do the best I can. I’m no different than  you, except maybe attitude. I’ve got bills, a job, stress of kids and work and the ranch and.... And.... And.... Whatever! But I try not to let it get to me!

Taking this a step further, I really try to find the positive in things.  How many beer or rum reviews have you seen me write that were just “Oh that’s crap and it sucks and there isn’t anything good about it?”
Not very many.

I know that some times it comes off as me being a fan boy. But unless it’s something that is gaining a huge amount of attention, and it’s something I HATE... Let’s move on to something good. Case in point... Bud Light Platinum: Not really very good. And I told you that!

There is no sense in my taking an entire blog post to tell you how crappy some obscure brew is that you're never going to see and never going to try! I would rather spend the time, effort, blog space and YOUR TIME to tell you about something awesome that I dig.  It’s just more fun that way!

So, as it stands, things are basically pretty good! Sure, I wish I had a keg of LaFolie on tap at home. Sure I wish I had a beach outside the back door. Sure.... I wish the damn kids would stop irritating their mother... And honestly, I wish each of you would find a friend to read BKB! But let’s face it! Those things are NEVER going to happen.... Well.... Except the beach thing, and that’s a LONG way off... (And maybe the friend thing?) So, let’s get on with it.

Today, I’m taking time to enjoy life with my beautiful wife and two friends that we barely know, yet share so much with. These people... Yes, we met them... Through the internet... And we love them like our siblings... Maybe more!

Is it possible that we could become a generation of friendship through the Internet instead of the “Neighborhood”

Is it possible that John Singleton will someday need to make a movie titled “Boyz in the Web”?
Maybe not... But you see the point.

Sure, it took some $$$ to get to the beach in Florida, but that’s the end. Time spent with friends is priceless. And it doesn’t matter where you are. The back yard is good enough. And if your back yard is a POS.... My back yard is good enough... If my back yard is a POS... Shit, Let’s just go to the park!

The point I’m making is that even the moments spent bullshitting with your friend in the parking lot at the grocery store is time that you will not regret spending while laying on your death bed.
If I die today... Sure, I’ll have regrets! But I’ll die having seen things that 99% of people will never see.
I will die having done things that 99% of people will never do! I will die having loved, lost, found, missed and made things that EVERYONE has had the opportunity to have done.... But some (MOST) were too “Busy” to appreciate!

Slow down! Take a minute to enjoy your kids... Or your wife... Or your glass of Iced Tea... Or Craft Beer... Or the gol damn sunshine beaming down on your head!

Life: Too long to sulk, too short to waste... So “Get out and enjoy.... SOMETHING!”


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The adventure never stops
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