Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hello Friends! Want to try a new beer? I do!

72 Imperial Chocolate Cream Stout from Breckenridge Brewery! Sounds good enough right?
The bottle says it’s a full 7.2% ABV.... No 3% session stout here! No Sir! (Or Ma’am) This is a big boy beer! (Also for big girls!)

This brew pours thick and black with a medium creamed coffee colored head that dissipated to a thin lace very quickly.

The nose is wonderfully roasty and sweet. No notable hop nose, but there is a lot of dark malts coming through and it reminds me of how great the kitchen smelled when I tried to roast my own malt.... Just before it burnt and turned to charcoal mini bricks.

The initial sip reveals a perfect mouthfeel. It’s full and satisfying, but not sticky or thick. There is a distinct bite of Carbonic Acid from aggressive carbonation. I hope that goes away as the beer sits.

The roasted grains come through very nicely and taste almost smokey. There is chocolate in there, but it’s a very dark and rich chocolate that is initially covered by the bite and roast.

The finish is long and sweet. There is no forgetting you’ve had a drink.

As the beer warms, the metallic bite dissipates somewhat and the chocolate becomes more pronounced, but still very dark and bitter. A nice contrast to the overall sweetness.

I would be remiss to leave out the distinct coffee flavor that is developing as the beer warms. It’s not like a coffee stout, but it’s still pretty forward. There are hints of nutmeg and clove that accompany the chocolate and coffee through to the finish.

This reminds me a lot of the over-the-top Reindeer Fuel Stout I brewed with a LOT of coffee.

This is a really interesting brew. I have never had it before, but I’ll be pretty excited to drink the other three bottles and see how my perception changes as I become accustomed to what I’m going to get.

This beer is a definite BUY and Drink. If you see it on the shelf, grab a 4 pack and give it a whirl.

~Cheers (and don’t forget to make your submission to win a Kahuna Party Pack!)

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