Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hit The Garden!

It’s summer time, that means time to get outside and make the most of the sunshine!

For some of us, the things that make life worth living are... well... food and Craft Beer! It is rare that you can combine Food, Craft Beer, a sweet atmosphere, big tables, sunshine and did I mention beer? But I HAVE found a place for you!

As, I hope you have come to know, I am here for you! I'm trying new things, choking back a LOT of bad restaurants and bars because I don’t really have the time nor the interest to write about something that sucks!

On Saturday, I found  a place that is so far from sucks, that I knew walking up to the front gate that I’d be taking the time to write about this one!

Located at 7577 East Academy Blvd. Denver... Right under the east end of Hanger #2 at the old Lowry Air Force Base, is a trendy, open air beer garden that just makes me smile!

The Lowry Beer Garden is the place I picture when I close my eyes and think of the best way in Colorado to piss away an afternoon.

Filled with LONG tables and bench style seating, there is plenty of room for everyone on a Saturday afternoon.

Looking at the tips on Four Square, I was a bit hesitant to take my two kids along, but I figured what the hell... Some people are idiots... And they leave tips.

Not knowing the folks bitching about kids at the beer garden, I make no judgement of them. I have certainly been irritated to the point of asking parents to take their kids out of a bar at midnight. But at 1:30 on a Saturday afternoon.... All I have to say is that Dads need beer too!

Now, my kids are pretty well behaved at these sort of places, and there is a better than good chance they’ll be more interesting to the table next to us than I am.... So that’s why I don’t always take them. Sometimes I need the attention!

All of that aside, the menu lends itself well to my kids, and me! It may not be the thing for young kids, or most kids for that matter, but what the hell, It's a beer garden not Chuckee Cheese!

Food prices are great, portion size is spot on, except for the pretzel, (Dare you to order the BIG ONE)  and the style is  modern and inviting! The menu is fairly up-scale for bar food, so you can expect old classics with a gourmet twist!

My daughter and I both had fantastic salads, hers had shrimp, mine had Ahi. The boy had a burger, and once he dumped a fist full of sauerkraut on it... He said it was “Good as it could be!”  (Yes, he is 7 years old!)

As a full fledged fried food aficionado, I might venture to say that the fries are in the top 3 or 4 in Colorado, so give them a try!

This is a beer garden right? So the beer selection? How about Avery IPA, Avery Karma, Avery 19, Avery White Rascal, Breckenridge Avalance, Copper Kettle Bavarian Helles, Dales Pale Ale, Deschutes Mirror Pond, Left Hand Milk Stout... On NITRO, ODell Myrcenary, ODell 90 Shilling, ODell Easy Street, Odell St Lupulin, Paulaner Hefe, Sierra Nevada Pale, Spaten... And that’s all ON TAP! The bottle list is enough to make any beer geek drool, and prices are fair.

Drinking a fine craft beer at one of our nations former Air Force Bases seems like the finest way I can think to spend your 4th of July, or any day when it’s nice enough to drink outside!

If you have any chance to drop by the Lowry Beer Garden in Denver, You’ll only regret NOT going!

Happy Independence Day Peeps!


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