Thursday, July 19, 2012

Let’s do it again!

It’s Thursday, which means that if you use Untappd, the kick ass beer tracking app, you can win a  new badge called New Brew Thursday.

So, in my quest, I’m sharing with you a Rogue XS Imperial Red Ale.

Pouring red and medium bodied, the head forms with an off white color leaving me wonder where it comes from. The beer is mildly hazy and even during the pour you can smell the wonderful malt character typically associated with a good red ale.

As with other Rogue ales, the ingredients are listed on the bottle: Crystal 40, Chocolate Malt, Rogue Micro Barley Farm Dare and Risk Malts, Rogue Micro Hopyard Alluvial and Willamette Hops and PacMan Yeast!

CHOCOLATE? Really? I don’t taste it at all.... But that may be the point!

The first sip is mildly sweet, well balanced and malty. There are definite fruit leather notes, perhaps dried apple and Plum?

There is a mildly spicy flavor, which I assume comes from the aggressive hop presence. I wouldn’t call it IPA Style Hops, but at 58 IBU, it’s pushing the limits of what you’ve ever experienced in a red ale.

The finish is bitter, but not drying. It has just enough of a bite to say “HEY! I’m RIGHT HERE!” but it’s so inviting that I drank the first half sip after sip after sip... Without putting it down.

Rogue has a semi-proprietary yeast called “Packman Yeast.” Home-brewers have been culturing this aggressive yeast for years out of bottles of Rogue Beer. It’s now available to purchase, and this beer is just another showcase of what it can do! The yeast leaves a wonderful malty, breaddy flavor that you just can’t replicate!

I’m not sure how available this little BIG beer is, because I got it off the clearance rack at one of my local Colorado Liquor outlets.

While I’m sure I got a good deal on this beer at $4.50 for a 7 oz bottle, I’m pretty sure it’s a screaming deal at twice that price!

This is another really good beer!
Thanks for sharing it with me!


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