Saturday, July 7, 2012

Local Competition

I think I’ve told you all about our local brew competition that happens at the county fair.
It’s pretty low rent, and the crowd judges the brew.

Everyone gets a ticket, every beer has a number, after sampling all of the brews, the crowd puts their ticket in a can that matches the number of the beer that they like.

Sounds like fun so far? Good!

It’s free to get in, there are usually only four or 5 brewers involved, and two of us usually take something interesting. One of the other guys brings “Lager.”

He has no idea what the hell he has, but he knows it’s got lager yeast in it... So he calls it a lager.
The corn and metallic lager usually scores pretty well with the local crowd... Who take no shame in calling Keystone their beer, and Coors Light “Good Beer”

Kolsch from 2008 that did well in the competition.
Not that there is anything wrong with these hard working cowboy types, well... Except that too much Copenhagen has frizzled up their taste buds to a point of thinking anything NOT BMC is “Heavy” and “Hoppy”

I’ve done well at this competition with Kolsch, the Apricot Blond from the Brew Hut in Aurora, Cream of Three Crops recipe by BierMuncher at and my recipe from last year that included 3# of 2 row, and Wine yeast.

So, My goal for this year:

Eliminate the off flavors that our very hard water adds to very light beer by brewing with bottled water. Not that any of the folks that are sampling will notice, but I do.

I will add just enough fruit to this light little beer that it will add complexity (for whatever that's worth in a beer with no character at all) to the barren landscape left by the mixture of corn and rice.... OH.... I will leave out the corn! I’m making beer here, not whiskey!

I will use a champagne yeast to ferment. Best idea ever? NO! But it does help to remove most of the yeast character that our target audience finds so offensive.

I will brew this SOONER than later because I have to serve it on August 11!

I suppose I better get to shopping!

Have a great weekend!


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