Saturday, July 14, 2012

Name Yourself!

Today, I am announcing a little contest!

You see, I appreciate all of you that stop by and read what I’m rambling about. In Fact, I appreciate you so much that I think you need a cool name!

Jimmy Buffett has the “Parrot Heads” The Grateful Dead have the “Dead Heads” Rum Shop Ryan has the “Castaways”

NO, I’m not saying I’m as cool as Jimmy or Ryan, but you guys are as cool as anybody anywhere! And I think you need a cool name.

Flasks and Koozies coming soon!
Lets hear it! What are we going to call the fans of Big Kahuna Brew? Will it be a Hawaiian theme? Caribbean? Beer Related?

Post your ideas here in the comments or post them on the FACEBOOK page and in about a week on Tuesday, we will decide on one.

 Contest Disclaimer:
I will make the final decision, and you will not be allowed to gripe about it!

The originator of the finally selected term will receive a Kahuna Party Pack consisting of an 8oz Big Kahuna Flask  so you can take the party with you and four koozies to keep your drinks cold.

The flasks and koozies will be available here on in a week or so, but the winner gets to  have their party pack first!

So, Let’s hear some creativity!



John Helms said...


RumShopRyan said...

Damn, John's is good. I'm going to brainstorm on this a little. But my first submission is... The Beer Taps!

Thanks for the shout out man! Cheers!

FatJeff said...

You made a Hawaiian theme with taking the name "Kahuna". So, to stay in that theme, your readers would be "Ohana", your extended family.

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The adventure never stops
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