Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What the hell is wrong with me?

I will normally confess to an average level of typical male stupidity, but I may have gone
overboard this time!

When I was hanging with RumShopRyan in Florida last month, he had mentioned that he occasionally dropped a jalapeño into a bottle of rum to spice things up a bit.

Sounds harmless enough.... No?

Everyone loves Jalapeños these days, and lord knows I love the stupid little things. But why would I ever want to “Spice Up” RUM? It’s perfect the way it is.

I gave less than a second thought to Ryan’s lunacy for the next few hours.

I am sure you all remember the craziness that was the Oyster Shooter Video from the Siesta Key Oyster Bar that I posted?

Well... That is when I started thinking about Ryan’s idea.

Anything I like, I like to be able to make at home. Beer, Rum, Wine, Food... It doesn’t matter. I’ll try to make it!

But I wasn’t wowed by the thought of BUYING a Chipotle vodka.

 Not when I could make the drink with RUM and make the rum at home.

Well, not exactly make it from scratch... more like make it the way YOU would make it.

I actually bought a bottle of Silver Bacardi. Unusual as it is for me to buy Bacardi, it was cheap... And available.

So, into a cheap wine jug I added 2 Jalapeño peppers, 2 small green chili peppers and 2 Habanero peppers that I roasted on the grill over charcoal.

I sliced the peppers into 1/4 sections long ways and plopped them right into the jug.

Now.... Ryan said he put “A” jalapeño into rum.... I’ve over done it haven’t I?

Actually.... NO! This stuff is hot as FIRE to take a shot of, but if you want a truly great bloody marry, this wild juice is a must!

As for the Oyster Shot? I live in a barren wasteland for good seafood, and I’ll be damned if I’m eating a raw oyster in the middle of the Colorado Desert! So I gave it a go with canned oysters and... well... let’s just say I can’t wait to get back to SKOB!

But for the bloody marry drinks alone, I will keep a jug of this around!

In-fact, I’m considering keeping it a living jug... much like my "Root Juice" and just keep adding rum as it runs out.

Think of it as a Solera De Chili!

I guess this is just one more little gimmick that I can pull from the cabinet for a nice surprise or to shock the hell out of someones palate, but I like it!

So Be Ware if you come over for drinks.... one may be hotter then the brass hinges on the gates of HELL! 

Have a great week!


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RumShopRyan said...

Hot but not too hot? How was your Oyster Shooter compared to SKOB? Cheers buddy!

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