Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Winners circle

Well, I hate to say that we have a winner.

I hate to say it because it has taken a ton of time and effort to narrow down the ideas to 4, which I then haggled with until I finally put them all in a hat and spilled beer into it, and the one I could read was the final selection.

I must begin by thanking all of you that submitted entries. I appreciate each reader of this little dis-jointed blog, but those of you that take the time to interact make it all the better!

There were entries ranging from pirate humor to coastal puns. Beer related, fun related, honest to funny. They really were all great!

But in the end, there is but one winner. Two actually, because my wife threatened my beer drinking existence if I didn’t give a runner-up koozie to the originator of the Brew-Hona’s.

So, @chesneychik1, E-mail your address to BigKahunaBrew@gmail.com and I’ll get your koozie sent out to you!

I also want to mention that John Helms III gets a serious honorable mention with his very first entry of “Kahuligans”. I like it!

But the final winner, and recipient of the Kahuna Party Pack,
Drum Roll?
No?.... (Why don’t I ever get a drum roll??)

@Chaddah You win! “Pū'ali koa” It is!

The literal translation is “troops, regiment, brigade, corps.”

This couldn’t be more fitting, as I see you all as ones battling bad beer, fighting the doldrums and melancholy that life brings you, the people striving for better things and happier times.  You are the people with a smile when it’s raining, a beer when it’s hot and plans for the next big thing! You ARE “Pū'ali koa!”

Now, as director of this small army of soldiers fighting the suck, I ask you to get out there, enjoy life, have some fun, drink some beer or mix some rum in whatever you’re drinking! Get to living!

I’ll be here for you!



RumShopRyan said...

I like it! You'll have to teach me how to say it though. Happy to be a member!


BigKahuna Brew said...

Thanks Ryan.
It's Poo-All-eee Ko-ahhh
and no saying Poo for short!

The adventure never stops

The adventure never stops
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