Saturday, August 11, 2012

A little lesson that I will soon forget!

AHH The homebrew competition. IF you’re sick of hearing about it, maybe I can perk your funny bone by telling you about it.

Last Thursday was the homebrew competition,. I’ve been planning for it for months, I kew when it was and I still failed to prepare.

The beer was kegged on Tuesday. The problem? I kegged the beer Tuesday night after I had taken my C02 bottle to the fair grounds so we could serve soda pop at a food booth that we help with every year.

As you might have expected, the little bottle in the kegerator was empty.

Living in BFE, I wasn’t sure I’d find any bottles to trade or refill, but I lucked out and the local ACE had one in stock and for just over $40 I was on my way.

By Thursday evening, the beer was carbed up just fine, the sediment blown from the bottom, ICE in cooler, cooler in pickup, keg in cooler phone, keys, C02 and both kids all loaded into the pickup.


CRAP! Cooler, Ice, Beer, C02, keys and kids moved into other pickup, and we’re off! A little later than I’d hoped, but off!

A few miles down the road, my son points out that we are all but OUT OF GAS! DAMMIT!

At this point, there is nothing to be done but hope for the best. We are pointed toward the closest gas station, and I’m sure we will make it.

If that little gas station was 14 miles from my house, we had 13 miles worth of gas to get us there.

Pushing the pickup, with beer, cooler, ice, C02, keys and the kids driving... Oh, did you notice that the phone didn’t make the transfer from the first pickup to the second? Neither did I.

Fortunately, one of our off duty Sheriff's Deputies stopped and helped push the truck over the hump and got us to the gas station.

Credit card at the pump please... Or not. For whatever reason, the pump wouldn’t take the card, so standing in line inside was a must. But, 10 minutes later, we were on our way... Again.
Showing up at the comp 15 minutes late, I was glad to see that they had not started yet and we served beer! We served beer to almost 50 people.

You’d think that I would have gotten some votes? Well... Yeah, I got some, but as good as my beer was, one of the other contestants had made the Apricot Blond from Dry Dock Brewing in Aurora, and he cleaned house with it.

This beer has traditionally done very well at our little competition. Matter of fact, both times I made it, it won.

So. There is a lesson here.

Get your shit together! This isn’t supposed to be a stressful thing!

But now, it’s time for another rodeo... No, not like that, a real rodeo. And I’ll be sitting on the fence photographing the whole thing.

Have a great weekend folks!


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