Thursday, August 30, 2012

Blackened Voodoo

Today I am sharing a beer! I have selected a Blackened Voodoo from Dixie Brewing in New Orleans.

The name is certainly cool, and the label is well designed and catchy. This brew sticks out on a shelf pretty well.

The plane gold bottle cap that is a TWIST OFF fails to get me excited, but I cracked into it anyway.

Well, it looks nice. The light tan head forms and holds nicely, but the deep auburn, nearly red color makes me wonder why they call it... BLACKENED?

The clean malty, slightly hoppy nose is very inviting and typical of black lagers in my limited experience.

The sweet hoppy flavor doesn’t balance very well with the soda water consistency and mouthfeel, but somehow I keep wanting to take another sip... Perhaps just to confirm what I thought I tasted last time.

The hop presence isn’t very strong in the glass, but I must admit to having had one from a bottle a few days ago, and I thought that it was much better that way.

That seems a bit counter-intuitive, that a bottle tastes better than in a glass? But I think that the problems with balance and body are mostly covered up by the bottle.

I wouldn’t call this a bad beer, but it’s not anything I’m really interested in. It’s not flavorful enough to be a flavorful beer, it’s not malty enough to be a malty beer, it’s not hoppy enough to be a hoppy beer and it’s too sweet to call it refreshing.

It basically reminds me of my first extract batch of homebrew... And that was 14 years ago, before extract kits were very good.

All in all, if this is the last beer on the shelf, go ahead and give it a whirl. But other than that... There are a lot better beers to try.


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