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Ghost in the Guitar Part 2

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Today, we continue our discussion with singer-songwriter Paul Jensen.

You do a lot of work helping promote other artists. That must be an amazing opportunity!     Tell us about Juan Carlos Productions.
 Juan Carlos Productions has existed now for 7 years with me, Barbara Rose Butler and John Malvey being business partners in this endeavor.  The concept was to always have fun with what we do or why do it. We have created a platform for different artist’s to showcase what they do and I believe we have achieved that.
 With so many artists taking on new styles of music, in example Zac Brown going all 70’s R&B and so many country artists taking to the Trop-Rock scene, have you ever thought of seeing what kind of inspiration you could draw from the Ocean?

I believe that artist’s are inspired by where they are planted. If I could spend time in the North West where the Redwoods meet the sea for any length of time at all I’m sure I would be inspired to write about it. You write about what you are around, who you are around and what your brain and soul is processing. I have written and recorded a song called “California” that has never been released. It was about how my Grandfather and Father migrated to that state because of the call of the ocean. Someday I hope that song see’s the light of day. For now it stays in the archives.
I have more music unreleased than released for one reason or another,

You had a vineyard? What kind of awesome was that?
 Here is an entry from my journals that speaks to how I felt about the vineyard I once had.
I will always reflect on that period of my life as one of my happiest times.

I have slept in the vines the past two nights
Will be out there tonight as well
A few plants down from the top of the row
The canes look healthy and tight
The canopies rattle soundly and healthily

In row 20
Gurgling water making its way to the vines
Crickets singing their praises of life to the clear and peaceful night
A billion stars piercing through the cloak of night
Wonderful silence in row 20

I live these plants
Beginning to understand their essence
I lay here and watch the yellow half moon shine through the leaves
I feel kindred to their life force
Row 20 is beautiful in its form
An entrance into my world of the grapes

Where can we find more of your music?
My music, as well as info, videos, and some fine stuff from some great artists, is available through

I hope you all get the opportunity to check out Paul’s work and more than that, I hope you actually hear what he is singing about!

There is something about an artist that really reaches into that deep and personal place to produce a product that you just don’t get every day!

To me, Paul is an inspiration and a treasure. His music, while not directly related to the ocean, is inherently “SALTY!”

The setting may be a bit different, but the message is the same! Embrace what you’ve been given and make the most of it!

ALL of the photos from this interview are courtesy of B.E. Butler Photography.

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