Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy Rum Day

So, just in case you didn't know, today is Rum Day!

We dig rum here at BKB, and I think you will like it too! It's similar to craft beer in that there is an endless palate of favors to discover and enjoy. Also, like beer, rum is very easy to enjoy and easy to get into.

You don't have to start with a 30 year old Appleton Estate. You can grab a $30 bottle of Brugal or a $15 bottle of Cruzan. They are all so good!

If you are interested in learning about rum, check out Robs Rum Guide. He is like Mr. Rum, and a Top sponsor of this year's Conched in Key West Bar Crawl.

There are a ton of places to learn about rum, but listening to the man that slings it makes for some great reading at Bahama Bob's Rumstyles.  And if you can get down to crawl with us, Bahama Bob will even mix you a drink! has new rum related info every day, and it's always worth the read.

 So, I guess what I'm saying here, is if you don't get the chance to celebrate RumDay with a nice stiff drink, you can at least celebrate by expanding your knowledge a bit.


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RumShopRyan said...

Is it crawl time yet? I can't wait to hit the Rum Bar! Cheers!

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The adventure never stops
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