Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hey all!

Short post today because I’m busting it getting ready to serve a brew to some unenthusiastic patrons of our only local homebrew competition.

I’ve talked about it before, but here is how it works.

1. Get in line and get a ticket (FREE)
2. Drink beer
3. Drop your ticket in the box corresponding to the beer you liked best!

I have told you about my failures in this brew.

1. I boiled the grains trying to get a few extra degrees during the mash.
2. I gave it a full 2 weeks less time than it needed
3. I ended up kegging a beer that should have been bottle conditioned
4. After kegging, I discovered that the bottle of C02 in my keezer was basically empty

So basically, I’m going to serve a brew that is so green it should be Irish!

I did manage to grab a refill of the bottle, but only thanks to the paintball crowd in town and I will say that in this particular instance... ACE IS THE PLACE!

IF you manage to find this post on Thursday, I’ll be working at the office until 5, hauling ass 15 miles to home with a few bags of ice and both kids, grabbing the keg, bottle, regulator and hoses, a cobra tap and a cooler to put it all in, hauling another 15 miles to the fair grounds and hoping to pour the best damn Strawberry, Blueberry Jalapeno beer that this crowd has ever tasted!

Hope your day rocks!


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The adventure never stops
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