Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Responsible Consumption!

Ok, there is always a lot of talk about binge-drinking college kids and how irresponsible they are.
So, I took it upon myself to just see what that does, or does NOT consist of.

One night last week, I realized that I’d had a bottle of rum open for a few hours and it was disappearing pretty quickly. I started thinking about people who like to brag about drinking whole bottles of alcohol and began to wonder if they are full of shit, or just getting it all drank down fast enough that they can finish the bottle before passing out.

I was, of course at home, and would NOT be driving anywhere, so I figured what the hell. I’ll give it a go.

I did have one immediate and surprising result... And a pleasant surprise it was.

I put out a few tweets about trying to drink a bottle of rum in a night, just to get a feel for how people in general would react to the notion.

Being that about 90% of my twitter followers are party people, beer aficionados, rummies and beach bums, I was amazed at the concern and caution tweeted my way!

The fine folks at Sailor Jerry Rum even cautioned that it was a bad idea, and made note that this isn’t a responsible thing to do. But again, controlled environment and not exactly being a college student who doesn’t know his limits... I decided to soldier on in the spirit of research.

The up shot of the whole deal, is that I set a rate of 3 drinks per hour and was drinking quite a bit of water and juice as the evening progressed. 4 hours later, the bottle was gone.

As pointed out by Sailor Jerry on their twitter account, a 1 oz pour should net you 20+ cocktails per bottle. But who mixes 1 oz pours? I use a shot glass to measure drinks, and usually think more in the lines of “Parts” rather than Ounces.

So I was mixing 1 part rum, 1 part grapefruit juice, 1 part Pineapple juice and 2 parts orange juice with a good splash of lime.

I don’t think that these drinks were excessively strong, nor do I feel like I was chugging them down like one might do when drinking beers with chips and salsa.

The steady pace was comfortable and probably pretty typical of a night out on the town. Say... Key West. I actually think that during the Key West Bar crawl, and the nights before, we may have been taking a bit quicker pace, possibly approaching 4 or 5 drinks per hour.

So, The end result? Would I have driven? NO WAY! Would I have been kicked out of a bar for being too drunk? Nope. Did I black out? No, but I was certainly ready for bed. Hangover? Nope. Ready to do it again tonight? No... I think I’ll save that for Key West in September. Do I think anyone should take this as a challenge? Absolutely NOT.  For one thing, that was a $20 bottle of rum that should have lasted me a week or more. Beyond that, it's not about how much you can drink, it's about how enjoyable it is.

And again, It was nice to see that my twitter party pals, and Sailor Jerry Rum were more concerned about responsible consumption than cheering TOGA TOGA CHUG CHUG CHUG.

This is even more proof that the stereotype of Beer Guys and Rum drinkers being irresponsible is simply false. Also more proof that Pū'ali koa are all grown up, responsible people who enjoy a drink or two. (or 12)

All kidding aside, we ALL need to promote safe consumption of alcohol. Some people immediately picture college students passed out in the bushes when they think of craft beer or spirits, and that simply isn’t how we roll!

Also proof that the younger drinkers... College age kids... are just showing their stupidity when bragging about drinking a lot of booze. KNOCK IT OFF! You’re giving us all a bad name!

Be Safe People!


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