Thursday, September 27, 2012

A day in the life!

The day before we crawled Duval in Key West Florida, Kahuna’s Chick and I got to take in a little culture as well as add a new friend to the 4 a.m. Club!

Our day began with breakfast at Jack’s in the lobby of the LaConcha hotel. This is significant because my current favorite literary character Buck Riley lived at the LaConcha in the books Red Right Return and Green to Go.  Eggs and sausage fueled us up for a day of exploring Key West.

We walked along the water front, from the end of Duval to Mallory Square, then through the “Truman Annex,” where President Truman spent his time in Key West. We saw real Pirate treasure, locals fishing for their lunch, and a LOT of chickens!

We strolled to the Mile Marker “0” on US 1. Again, somewhat of an iconic symbol of Key West. To me, significant because no journey can begin without a beginning.... And everything starts at 0!

We soon met up with RumShopRyan and his Lady friend Erin, and strolled the jewelry stores of Key West. Pirate Treasure... The REAL DEAL! Was what we were after!

 We found treasures from sunken ships (Including the Atocha which is also part of Green To Go) pirates and overland travels. Pieces of Eight, Gold, Silver, Cannons and pistols! Unfortunately... Nothing that fit my budget for this trip!

We ended the morning at the Boat House to finalize details about the crawl. I should point out that it takes a lot of hard work to have this much fun! Everyone rocked it, but damn... Some of our organizers... Shawn... Mike... Carl.... Lyndsey... Ryan.... (Um.... ) Really put hours on end into making this weekend a success!

Post organizational meeting, Jessica and I strolled to the room, grabbed a bit of cash and headed to the Hemingway House Museum. More on that later, because what happened after a shower and dinner was amazing!

The evening’s journey began (Remember, everything has a beginning!) at Kelly’s Bar and grill! Kelly’s is a truly unique joint not because they brew great beer, but because of the history! The building is the birthplace of Pan Am Airlines, and is now owned by Kelly McGillis... Charlie from Top Gun!

We drank Rum! Lots of it. Thanks to the work put forth by Sponsor Robert Burr and Rob’s Rum Guide. Rob and Republic National Distribution put on a very swank affair with Rum Punch, Bottles of rum for sipping, wonderful Hors d'oeuvres and God only knows what else that I missed! 
FWIW, Cockspur 12 was my favorite of the evening(That I can get and afford) but there was many to chose from!

The evening was a HUGE Success if it stopped at the Rum Tasting! But thankfully it didn’t!
On To The Tuna! Smoking Tuna Bar did a blasted phenomenal job of hosting our “PreParty” for the crawl! Beer, Rum.... Iced Whiskey shots and a GREAT BAND all done up in true Key West Style! I LOVE THIS BAR!

After the pre-party, the Kahuna Party started! Goal... 4 A.M. At the southernmost point in the United States of America!

We call it the 4 A.M. Club and a new member joined on Friday night! Thanks Brandy.... And Welcome!

Check in later for more, and have a great rest of the week!


Dave Hart said...
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Dave Hart said...

Cool! Glad to see Kelly's is still there. Got to stop in there a couple of times.

BigKahuna Brew said...

Dave... Not only is it there, but they hosted our rum tasting, Marta... the manager is the rock'nest gal in Key West and the Havana Red was EASILY the best brew I had on the rock!

The adventure never stops

The adventure never stops
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