Saturday, September 8, 2012

Be a sourpuss!

Happy sour Beer day peeps!

I hope to celebrate with a LaFolie from New Belgium myself. I chose this beer because but as the GABF looms ever closer, marking the 5 year anniversary of my introduction to sour beer, I am reminded that it was my first!

I will never forget it! We were chilling at the Folling Rock tap house in Denver with Rob from beerPHXation and a few other guys from
I remember Rob ordering one and immediately making me taste it!

The smell was amazing, the flavor was a kick in the teeth, and the sour pucker factor was through the roof to my uninitiated palate. It was awesome!

That night only got better when they tapped a keg of Eric's ale shortly thereafter! It was an awesome time!

A few years later, I made my goal at GABF to try every sour in the joint! They are easy to find at GABF... Just look for the longest line!

That's when I found one I potentially liked as much as the first, and that was Cascade Sang Noir!  Actually, everything cascade does is excellent! 
I don't think they have a beer that I don't like!

As for the rest, I am a bit of a sour head, and seek out Brett and Lactic soured beers whenever I can. I don't think I've ever seen LaFolie on tap and passed it up! 

Love them or hate them, and believe me, some people do hate them, sour beers are worth trying! Se are good, some are awesome, but they all have something interesting to offer! 

What was your first sour?
If you've never had a sour beer, now is the time! Get one TODAY

Happy sour beer day people! 


P.s. sorry the blog looks goofy! I hope to have a computer again soon! 

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