Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Shirts are done!

This week, rather than rambling in my own words, I've decided that perhaps you should hear the excitement from someone else.

RumShopRyan is another one of the presenters of the Conched in Key West Bar Crawl this year, and he did a great job of reporting the news about this year's shirts.

September is almost here and that means it’s almost time to head down to Key West to help support the Reef Relief charity. How are we going to help? By bar hopping of course. Gotta stick to what we do best.

Above are the shirt designs for this years bar crawl. The logo has a retro look to it and the green is definitely going to make our group stand out. Below is a look at the back of the shirt with a list of this year’s sponsors and the bar list. The shirt lists 9 bars, but something tells me that our rowdy bunch of Castaways will be hitting up a few more.

Click Here!

And don't forget to keep checking RumShopRyan.com for more of his great boat drinks and beautiful scenery!

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The adventure never stops
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