Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Boy how I love Technology!

No doubt you saw my post on Google + the other day (You do have me circled right?) about how I had gotten stuck in a 5th-grade pissing match on Facebook. Like there is any other kind?

I love what social media can do for us! Had it not been for social media, I wouldn’t know 90% of you! I wouldn’t be brewing at the level that I am, I would have likely NEVER even heard of Mead. I wouldn’t know how to open a beer bottle with a sheet of newspaper and I wouldn’t be much of a bar-stool philosopher!

No doubt about it, social media makes a lot of things possible! But you have got to be careful of what you get involved in! You can get stuck in those stupid little bickering matches, you can say shit that you would never even consider saying in person, and you can really be taken wrong when you are trying to be funny!

It’s a tough situation! That’s why I’m so glad we have this place to hang out, share a few beers, talk about music, BBQ, photography, partying and travel. We do have a good time!

I’m going to take a second and bitch about the internet and the  way it works, as I’ve got a red spot on my forehead from bashing it against the wall for the last 12 hours!

Had I not built a good working relationship with my hosting site, (Not for BigKahunaBrew) I would have just registered a domain with Google and been done with it. But I like my hosting company, I like my domain name and I’m going to make this work!

Problem? You bet! The hosting company doesn’t provide enough room to add the CNAME information to give my Blogger account access to the domain name! DOH!

Did that go right over your head?

If Yes, you are in good company! Me too!


Anyway, I’ll be working on making the other bog come to life, promoting it when it does, and trying to provide it with quality content... Once the help team figures out how to make it work!

Check in on Thursday... I’ve got a beer for you, purchased in Florida and tasted in FL and CO! I’ll share it with you!


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BigKahuna Brew said...

In case you were worried, the iPower help team resolved the issue overnight and I now have another blog to babysit!


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The adventure never stops
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