Saturday, October 6, 2012

GABF Must See.

Sean Buchan, Serious Eats.
Since I'm not covering the GABF first-hand this year, I figured I should show you where to go while you're in town. Fortunately for me, A twitter pal of mine, Sean Buchan AKA @Beertographer, already did it for "Serious Eats."

Sean is an inspiration to my beer photography, as well as one hell of a fun guy to follow on the Twitter! Check out his web page and you'll be inspired too!

Thanks for stopping in, enjoy the photos and story. Have a great weekend!


Here is what Serious Eats had to say:

If you're planning on visiting the Mile High City during the Great American Beer Festival this year, you may notice that a lot has changed since your last visit. Eight new breweries have opened up within Denver city limits in the last year (bringing the grand total to 22), not including the dozen or so that have begun pouring outside the metro area. The product of favorable liquor laws and an atmosphere that cultivates and encourages young breweries, Denver—and Colorado as a whole—is quickly becoming an epicenter for craft beer in the United States.


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The adventure never stops
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