Thursday, October 11, 2012

Welcome back to Big Kahuna Brew! Thanks for checking in on this, first day of the GABF in Denver!

As I've said, I am not covering the GABF for you this year! Sad as I am to miss out on all the great beer events and to miss seeing a few friends, that I only see once per year. I don't want to be redundant! It's the same thing every year it's bigger, but it amounts to a million beers and a million drunk people.

That isn't to say it isn't a LOT of fun, but there just isn't a lot of different ways to say it... Or cover it!
I will likely go again next year, and it will all look new to me! But for now, I'm staying home and having a beer which is new to me!

I have in my hand, a $6 bottle of New Belgium's lips of faith beer, Super IPA!
Brewed in conjunction with Alpine Brewing, this Hop Bomb is sureghing in at just over 22 oz, and 9%abv, the bomber service fits this brew well, cause a 12 Ozzie just isn't enough!

Pour is a beautiful light amber color that just looks like it could be holding a ton of hops!
The nose is like sticking your nose into a bag of centennial hops! All aroma, nothing strange.

Not being one to look at a beer for too long...

The first sip is just pure hop extract! It's not super thick but its bursting... absolutely bursting with aroma. Not super bitter. Just super hop aroma'd!

Amazingly, despite the reports of this beer displaying a "boozy" character, I don't get it! To me, It is well be behaved  and very drinkable!

This beer seems to want me to decide how to drink it.

Sipping like I would a sour, or a glass of wine, I taste apple and Carmel in the base of the beer. If I just take a drink, as I might if I were washing down a burger, I get a tannic, oak presence. I like them both!

The finish, like everything else about this beer, is clean, pronounced and crisp! No muddy flavored here!

As the beer warms up a bit, I begin sensing a nice sweet wheat aroma that really happens at the very back of the nose/top of the throat.
Awesome fall IIPA

 I have another one of these, and a plan! Because I think this beer is so good tonight, I want to taste it blind against a few other IIPA style beers. Lets face it, it's easy to be impressed with a double IPA! Hard as they are to brew, they are amazingly easy to like!

I really need to get into tasting blind anyway, and this is as good of an excuse as I'm going to find.

Hope you survive GABF with your liver in hand... (Dignity is shot, so don't even worry about that part!)


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