Thursday, November 29, 2012

No Beer Thursday?

No beer to share today, but I have a good reason.

Thanks to Chaddah over at “If My Coaster could talk” I have a 4 pack of Six Point Brewing’s RESIN IPA To share with you... But I didn’t want to waste it.

Normally, I’ll drink a beer anytime with anything. But since I only have 4 of these to partake in, and since it’s supposedly very good beer... Or very average, depending on who you talk to, I don’t want anything to cloud up my palate when I taste it.

By the time I got around to beer last night, I had pretty well destroyed my palate with a dinner that was spicy, salty and very acidic (That is to say Chips and salsa with a salad dressed with vinegar,) so I opted not to open anything new.

They (Whoever the hell “THEY” are) say that mornings are when your palate is most accurate, so I may give this a go and be ready to share on Saturday.

Also in the lineup for sharing is a nice little bottle of DFH 120 minute IPA that I will compare to a 90 minute.

Thanks for stopping in, make the most of the rest of your week.... Or at least get through it. You can see the weekend from here!


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Salty Swag

I must admit... I fell pray to both Black Friday AND Cyber Monday! I will NOT do the Friday thing again I can tell you that! But I do like to do a fair bit of shopping online, and that’s why I’ve decided to share with you a great clothing company that I think will fit right into your holiday shopping plans!

Photo courtesy of Coastlines and Tan Lines
Photo courtesy of Coastlines and Tan Lines
My friends at Coastlines and Tan Lines have been busting their asses for over a year lining out their business model... And the models for their business!

They have decided that, not unlike a few of our favorite breweries, they would bring you environmentally responsible products that you can feel good about purchasing!

Their koozies, not only really cool and collapsible so they fit right in the pocket of your favorite party shorts, but they are made of recycled wet suits, so they actually help reduce the rubbish in landfills.

The tee shirts, ROCK! Not only do they sport some sweet rum and pirate inspired designs, but they are made from organically grown cotton, and are softer than any 15-year-old shirt I own. It’s like they are already broke in and ready to head out for a night on the town... Or a day on the couch! (Your Choice)

Carl and Shawn, the faces behind the fantastic travel, beach, beer, rum and fun inspired photos and blog posts at Coastlines have put a lot of work and research into their products, and put their standards first.

I know both of these guys, and I call them not just friends... But brothers. ( I would say something like brothers in the sun, but there seems to be a lot of lawsuits and cease and desist orders floating around these days!)

Photo courtesy of Coastlines and Tan Lines
I can tell you that you’re in good hands when you shop at Coastlines and Tan Lines!

So unless you spend you whole wad while shopping on Cyber Monday, or you managed to complete your shopping list for the year, why don't you head on over to Coastlines and Tan Lines and see what you can find for that special someone on your shopping list!

Not that you care, but my shirt size is 3XL, and I like the black koozies best!

Check them out on Twitter @_Coastlines and on Facebook at


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Winter Wine

Wine country!

Doesn't that just conjure images of rolling hills of red soil lined with beautiful rows of lush green vines dotted with deep purple and green grapes, workers with large hats to shade them from the searing sun and radient blue skies?

So what the hell is there to see in Colorado Wine Country in the dead of winter... Say... Thanksgiving time?

Lots actually! We found ourselves in Palisade Colorado again, the day after Thanksgiving. Not being one to be able to drive past the Madery of the Rockies, we opted for a detour off of I-70.

There is a unique beauty to the barren branches where next year's harvests will grow. The trees stand naked where there will hopefully be a bounty of apples, peaches, grapes and now a few vines of hops growing through the summer in wait for the 2013 harvest season.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ink-B-Gone Part 2

Part 2 of tattoo removal.

The first treatment is pretty gentile. Treatment begins light, with increasing intensity over time. I had read some people’s accounts saying it feels like a grease burn and days of pain, but I don’t get it!

For me, the pain was similar to being snapped by a rubber band, about 30 times, and similar to a sunburn for about 20 minutes afterwords. Beyond that, the bandage was more uncomfortable than than the treatment by 10 fold!

Yeah, I can even smile with the laser snapping away!
After treatment, you just need to be cautious of the area and treat it similar to the way you did when the tattoo was put on. Just don’t put tight cloths on over it and keep it clean and dry. That’s it.

It does take some time for the tattoo to fade, because of the way a laser treatment works.
Essentially, the laser solidifies the ink and your body carries it away like any other infection.  Water helps, the more you drink, the better you are. But that goes for life in general doesn’t it!

Followup treatments are a bit more aggressive, but the pain level really doesn’t increase and the mental trauma is significantly less because you know what to expect.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ink-B-Gone Part 1

I know that I’m in the lower percentile in most facets of life. Less than 1% of the U.S. Population produces food or fiber, we call it “Production Agriculture.”  But I do!

Less than 1% of the U.S. Population has ever taken control of an airplane and flown by themselves! But I have!

Less than 1% of all Americans are homebrewers... But I am!

But somewhere around 14% of Americans have tattoos... Including me! But here is the part that makes my theory go to shit: 11% of Americans have either had, or are getting a Tattoo removed!

According to my math, that means that somewhere in the neighborhood of 78% of people with tattoos have at least some regret! That’s not exactly the upper echelon is it?

Judging by my Facebook streams and Twitter surveys... That number may be a bit off, and most of you want acceptance of tattoos.

For what it’s worth, I couldn’t possibly care less about YOUR tattoos, and rarely ever give a thought to them. But for me and my loved ones... Suffice it to say that I’d really rather not be “inked!”

I’m in the crowd yearning to be without tattoos in my life! And I’m in the group of people who are having tattoos removed, and I want to share with you the way it’s being done.

Unfortunately, the market is flooded with creams and potions that promise to fade or remove tattoos.

This is my BULLSHIT FLAG! Those products DO NOT WORK! They only serve to separate you from your cash, not your ink!

Per my personal research and trial and error... There are only 2 ways to remove a tattoo... And neither one includes potions or lotions! You can cut them off, or you can have them removed via laser!

Since I’m a bit opposed to one cutting chunks off of the Big Kahuna, I opted for laser treatment, and it’s going great! Although it takes some time, I feel that it’s a much better treatment than simply cutting them out, but I’d go for cutting if it were the only option!

After many years of feeling regret and embarrassment from my tattoos, I decided that it was time to do something... And that something was Ink-B-Gone tattoo removal in Westminster Colorado, just north of Denver!

They have been in business since 2006, are on the “Denver A-List,” and have even been on the Tom Martino show.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

More searching!

Ok people, it's that time of year, if I want to admit it or not!

I am seeing pictures of peeps in Colo with SNCA! (Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale) but I don't have any!

I have been building a verticals of this stuff for years and will be quite willing to share that experience with you if I can get my paws on a few (cases) of these hugely anticipated brews!

The hoppy golden elixir awaited, I just need to find it and make it mine!


Update, 3:00 p.m.
Success! Thanks to the fine people at Total Bev in Westminster I have 24 bottles of celebration goodness!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Planning begins

As we head into the shortened Thanksgiving week, I am bombarded with questions about what to pair with Turkey Dinner. I always have the same answer.

"Beer or Wine, Save cocktails and spirits for your after dinner cigar!"

People get all pissy at me for not having a specific beer brand or style to suggest, but I don't care. Sometimes, I dig a nice American Pale to go with the turkey.  Other times, I'm happier with a big IPA to help numb the taste buds. If dinner is really awesome, and the turkey and gravy are of stellar quality, I'd prefer to drink a sour brown or red ale. Something like The Dissident from Deschutes.

You know my motto... the one about drinking what you like! That holds true here! If you like a particular beer or wine, you're probabally going to like it with dinner. I have been known to bring two or three drinks to the table, comparing and deciding which one to finish. But that's just me!

So head off to this weekend with a bright eye, an open mind and an adventurous heart. You'll find something to drink with your dinner!  We may discuss this in a little greater detail as we get closer to the actual day!

Meanwhile, here's a fun video that the Videographer from Hell shot while we were in Key West! Thanks very much to Gary for the great coverage!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012


How y’all doing? What’s up? How’s your Mum?

With No Shave November wrapping up in a few weeks, I suspect there are a few of you that will be trimming back the whiskers for the first time in a month... Be careful!

Most of you know I not only shave MOST of my face... But also my big fat head! That is not a small undertaking!

Per my fantastic heritage... The mix of Italian, German and Irish... I don’t exactly have fine blond hair that you can shave for a month with a Bic Blue razor!

My hair is receding like a German Blue collar worker but thick as an Italian Pizzeria owner, and wiry as an Irish welder! I buck all trends, genres and odds! If it works for you, it’s not likely going to work for me... But if it works for me.... There is a better than good chance it’ll work for you!

Combine my genetics with the most dry, unforgiving and hostile environment and working conditions this side of HELL... And I think my shaving routine has come together in a way that helps overcome some HUGE challenges.

So... I want to share my shaving balm with you!

I shave with a blade! Not some sissy plastic handled setup with an “Aloe” strip for $14 a 4-pack, and not some trinket with wheels that makes it look like a Matchbox car. But a solid stainless steel piece of equipment with a precision ground blade that is guided by a lather of artisan soap that is applied with a badger hair brush!  I usually shave with a double edge razor, but occasionally I will attack the cheeks with a strait blade.

Yup... 3 or 4 topics here... But I want to focus on what I put on my face and head AFTER a shave!

In  a travel bottle that I get for 60 cents at Target, I mix 1 part Lubriderm Daily Moisture lotion. It’s dirt cheap, available EVERYWHERE and one of the most essential I’ve found.

Then I add 1 part 100% Aloe Vera Gel. Whatever you’ve got... I have even  used after sun lotion with success! I figure that the more pure, the better!
Then I top off the bottle with the flavor aftershave I want....

What? 3 ingredients? Tha’s it? Shouldn’t we need a chemistry degree?

NO! The degrees work for those that make the products we use here... We just want our face (AND the rest of our heads) to be smooth, free of bumps and comfortable!

Three of my all time favorite scents are the original... Pinaud Club Man, Pinaud Lime Sec, and Taylor’s of Old Bond Street Sandalwood (Not interchangeable with other Sandalwood fragrance!) Basically, I like pretty much anything that smells manly and tightens up the skin after a nice hot shave.

These after shave  balms are great and have been working for YEARS, but as a man with skin that has a tendency to dry out and fall off in Colorado’s 8% humidity, I want the burn of the alcohol aftershave, but also the soothing protections of a balm. That’s how I came up with this combo! It’ll take you less than $3 to try it. I started with the $0.99 travel bottles from the big box stores.

You can put this in your shave routine, and you can scent it with whatever aftershave or cologne you want... So give it a go!

If you want more info about traditional shaving options, let me know via Twitter, Facebook, or comment here! Like everything, I’m no expert, I will gladly share all of my experience with you!


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Spending the money!

Why can’t I quit spending money? It seems like it just burns the hole in my pocket! But fortunately, there are a lot of cool gadgets that help put out the fire and keep me from ever becoming rich!

Last Saturday, I read online that sales of the iPad Mini were going a bit slower than expected and that people would likely be able to find them in the stores that are a bit more out-of-the-way. So we took off for Colorado Springs!

Unfortunately, our normal purveyor of Mac Trinkets didn’t have any, and wouldn’t for over a week!

But as we were eating, my shopping guru of a wife managed to find some at a Best Buy store and put them on reserve while we finished dinner and headed across town. FWIW, This is the superior hassle free way to buy from the Big Blue!

The wife seems like she always wants my technology once I have it, so this time I decided not to waste the time and fuel of a return trip to the city and just blow my entire stash of beer money for the week.

We ended up with the 64GB versions WiFi only. The 4G versions are still not out and I really don’t need to add another $50 to my monthly Verizon bill!

Kahuna’s Chick hasn’t normally been much of a “Heavy” user of technology. She plays three or four
word games and texts like mad, but that’s traditionally been it. She has experience with Droid platform from her three motorola Droid phones, and experience with iOS through her iPhone 4s, although she had not updated to iOS 6.

Her Kindle Fire was her main experience with tablet type surfing of the web.

She loves the Mini, and has barely put it down in a week. She has run the battery dry nearly every day for a week, but it takes her 8 or 9 hours to do so. The word games are large and easy to play. The accuracy of the touch screen is important because with her “nails,” she really doesn’t have a finger tip to use.

My “Tab experience” started with an iPad 1 that I bought to use in the airplane with ForeFlight software. I soon purchased an inexpensive Droid tablet (Review Here) because I was really concerned about the size and “Heft” of my iPad. I just didn’t like it. I will admit that most of it’s size and weight came from the Otter Box that it is in... But that thing is the reason I still have the iPad 1!

I can draw a comparison between the 1 and the Mini only in functionality and typical “Mac” ease of use. I have grown accustomed to using a bluetooth GPS receiver for the iPad, because thanks to in ill-informed salesman when I got the first one, I’ve never had built in GPS!

Beyond that, the Mini is smaller (DUH!) Lighter (DUH!) Faster and more solidly built! The New Retina Display is fantastic, by of us were seriously impressed, and has drawn me more than once to watch a movie on the iPad while I’m on the couch in front of the enormous LCD screen.

Shot and edited with iPad Mini

Apps run fast, photos look great and the internet is nearly fully functional (Sans Flash). The thing is just plain fun to play with, and when fun turns to work, it’s plum functional for that too! The only thing it doesn’t do is work with Blogger! So not likely I’ll be posting from the mini any time soon!

I definitely throw my support behind this product for anyone that thinks that they may be interested.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

The thrill of the chase!

With new beers coming out left and right (That is Left Coast and Right Coast) you would think that everyone could find a brew to drink no mater where you are!

But alas, we are creatures of adventure and excitement. We yearn for the best, and once we have it we are immediately looking for something new.

On any given evening, I would gladly take a mediocre beer that I’ve never had over a good beer that I can get at will. I just like to try new things! And that is why the idea of a “Beer Trade” is so damned awesome!

Social media, mainly Google+, Twitter and blogs have allowed me to form working relationships with people that I would have never known existed, and some of those people are pure awesome! And that gives us limited access to beer that would not otherwise be available at all!

From state to state, and those right here in Colorado, I have traded homebrew and craft beer and always been damn happy about it! But there is one thing that always scorches my boil kettle about beer trades.


I shipped some beer off yesterday in a trade, where I will be soon receiving 4 cans of Six Point Resin.

That $9 four-pack of cans cost me an additional $19! WTF?

With major companies offering free shipping, I have to think that the shipping companies have some pretty good discounted rates available... We just don’t get them!

So I ask, who wants to take on the challenge of setting up a discount shipping club where brewers and beer enthusiasts can sign up, perhaps for a small fee, and get a discount code to use when shipping with either UPS or FedEx?

Perhaps if we had enough of us signing up, we could ship beer for less than double it’s retail cost!
I know this wouldn’t be a huge market for the shipping companies, but it would be a huge benefit to us!

I doubt they’d be up for it... But heck, it’s a nice thought!

As we head into the weekend, enjoy your local beer, keep your eyes open for something you’ve never tried before and be safe!

Have a great day!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

BJ's Brew Pub

Hungry yet?  Give me a minute and you will be!

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that you Pū'ali koa, the readers and fans of this little blog are a varied as the subjects that I write about.

I am sure that most of you die-hard beer guys have tried out all of the brew pubs and restaurants around, but there are surely a few wine folks, foodies, rum connoisseurs and travelers that may be coming to Colorado that have never eaten at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewery. And that... is a shame!

We decided to have Lunch at BJ’s in Colorado Springs one day last week because we were in the area, had been hearing about it for some time, and brew pubs are one place where Kahuna’s Chick and I can ALWAYS find something to fill our bellies.

BJ’s is located at 5150 North Nevada Ave. Colorado Springs, CO. The location in a new, modern shopping area is well located with several other dining options, plenty of “Beer Guy” friendly shopping including a Mac Superstore and of course the reason we were there... COSTCO!

From the outside, it looks like any other brick brew pub. Revolving doors lead you into a large waiting area with a view of the bar.... A formidable bar, that makes you thirsty at first sight.

Modern, trendy, functional and inviting are the top four adjectives that come to mind as you are greeted by the friendly staff.

The first pages of the menu, are of course cocktails, wines and a beer list that goes on and on! With our first visit, I immediately ordered their biggest “House” IPA, just because that’s what I do. I wouldn’t call IPA my favorite style of beer, but it is likely the most popular right now. I figure that a brew pub is going to put a lot of time and effort into their IPA in hopes of competing amongst a really crazy market!

I ordered up a pint of the 6 1/2 % abv Hopstorm IPA. They suggest pairing it with a Crispy Jalapeño Burger, Buffalo Chicken Wontons, New Orleans Jambalaya and Cajun Pasta.... So of course, I ignored what the “Experts” suggested and we ordered up an appetizer of Calamari.

The appetizer selection, as is the rest of the menu, is as rich as the beer menu which includes at least 22 different bottle conditioned Belgian Ales.

On our first visit, I had Fish Tacos... Another staple bar food for me. Kahuna’s Chick ordered Fish and Chips. Simply wonderful, each plate that came from the kitchen was as good as the one before.

Because any place can be good once, we opted to head back to BJ’s for a followup two nights later and found that our first impression was correct.

This time I opted for the 7.3% GABF Silver Medal winning (1996) Jeremiah Red ale. This brew was a tad sweet for me, but did sport a solid malt profile that made a nice complement to the spicy Santa Fe Spring Rolls.

This spicy little appetizer of roasted corn, black beans, Jalapeño and chicken wrapped up in crispy goodness was exactly the introduction I wanted for my seared Ahi Tuna Salad.

The tuna salad wasn’t the best I’ve had, (See Lowry Beer Garden or the Elephant Bar) but was very tasty. The tuna was quite small as compared to most, but the flavor was there. The bits of tuna were approximately the size of a nickel, as opposed to the nearly 2x2 inch squares I’ve come accustomed to.

Kahuna’s chick went a bit more hearty with her menu selection and opted for the Chicken fried Chicken and mashed potatoes, which I must say, was perhaps the second best in Colorado.

On trip 2, we had one of our kids with us, and he completely approved of the “Big Kid’s” menu and their hand crafted Root Beer. He has very discerning taste for an 8-year-old, so you can trust his opinion.

Whether you are in the mood for a classic cocktail, a craft beer, or a full meal with all the fixin’s, BJ’s has certainly got you covered!  If you are in the Colorado Springs area, it’s worth the drive no matter which side of town you’re on.

Have a great week and seek out something good to eat and something great to drink with it.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Buy them a beer!


I’m asking everyone to buy a beer for the American Red Cross today.

Victims of Hurricane Sandy are devastated, and we all have friends and family in that area, and they need help!

Obviously insurance and savings will eventually kick in, but I'm asking you to help out the American Red Cross. They are the boots on the ground right now. They are the ones that are keeping people safe and warm and fed. They are the ones that need your help the most.

Give what you can at

Thanks everyone!


The adventure never stops

The adventure never stops
with the Buck Reilly series