Tuesday, November 13, 2012


How y’all doing? What’s up? How’s your Mum?

With No Shave November wrapping up in a few weeks, I suspect there are a few of you that will be trimming back the whiskers for the first time in a month... Be careful!

Most of you know I not only shave MOST of my face... But also my big fat head! That is not a small undertaking!

Per my fantastic heritage... The mix of Italian, German and Irish... I don’t exactly have fine blond hair that you can shave for a month with a Bic Blue razor!

My hair is receding like a German Blue collar worker but thick as an Italian Pizzeria owner, and wiry as an Irish welder! I buck all trends, genres and odds! If it works for you, it’s not likely going to work for me... But if it works for me.... There is a better than good chance it’ll work for you!

Combine my genetics with the most dry, unforgiving and hostile environment and working conditions this side of HELL... And I think my shaving routine has come together in a way that helps overcome some HUGE challenges.

So... I want to share my shaving balm with you!

I shave with a blade! Not some sissy plastic handled setup with an “Aloe” strip for $14 a 4-pack, and not some trinket with wheels that makes it look like a Matchbox car. But a solid stainless steel piece of equipment with a precision ground blade that is guided by a lather of artisan soap that is applied with a badger hair brush!  I usually shave with a double edge razor, but occasionally I will attack the cheeks with a strait blade.

Yup... 3 or 4 topics here... But I want to focus on what I put on my face and head AFTER a shave!

In  a travel bottle that I get for 60 cents at Target, I mix 1 part Lubriderm Daily Moisture lotion. It’s dirt cheap, available EVERYWHERE and one of the most essential I’ve found.

Then I add 1 part 100% Aloe Vera Gel. Whatever you’ve got... I have even  used after sun lotion with success! I figure that the more pure, the better!
Then I top off the bottle with the flavor aftershave I want....

What? 3 ingredients? Tha’s it? Shouldn’t we need a chemistry degree?

NO! The degrees work for those that make the products we use here... We just want our face (AND the rest of our heads) to be smooth, free of bumps and comfortable!

Three of my all time favorite scents are the original... Pinaud Club Man, Pinaud Lime Sec, and Taylor’s of Old Bond Street Sandalwood (Not interchangeable with other Sandalwood fragrance!) Basically, I like pretty much anything that smells manly and tightens up the skin after a nice hot shave.

These after shave  balms are great and have been working for YEARS, but as a man with skin that has a tendency to dry out and fall off in Colorado’s 8% humidity, I want the burn of the alcohol aftershave, but also the soothing protections of a balm. That’s how I came up with this combo! It’ll take you less than $3 to try it. I started with the $0.99 travel bottles from the big box stores.

You can put this in your shave routine, and you can scent it with whatever aftershave or cologne you want... So give it a go!

If you want more info about traditional shaving options, let me know via Twitter, Facebook, or comment here! Like everything, I’m no expert, I will gladly share all of my experience with you!


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