Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ink-B-Gone Part 1

I know that I’m in the lower percentile in most facets of life. Less than 1% of the U.S. Population produces food or fiber, we call it “Production Agriculture.”  But I do!

Less than 1% of the U.S. Population has ever taken control of an airplane and flown by themselves! But I have!

Less than 1% of all Americans are homebrewers... But I am!

But somewhere around 14% of Americans have tattoos... Including me! But here is the part that makes my theory go to shit: 11% of Americans have either had, or are getting a Tattoo removed!

According to my math, that means that somewhere in the neighborhood of 78% of people with tattoos have at least some regret! That’s not exactly the upper echelon is it?

Judging by my Facebook streams and Twitter surveys... That number may be a bit off, and most of you want acceptance of tattoos.

For what it’s worth, I couldn’t possibly care less about YOUR tattoos, and rarely ever give a thought to them. But for me and my loved ones... Suffice it to say that I’d really rather not be “inked!”

I’m in the crowd yearning to be without tattoos in my life! And I’m in the group of people who are having tattoos removed, and I want to share with you the way it’s being done.

Unfortunately, the market is flooded with creams and potions that promise to fade or remove tattoos.

This is my BULLSHIT FLAG! Those products DO NOT WORK! They only serve to separate you from your cash, not your ink!

Per my personal research and trial and error... There are only 2 ways to remove a tattoo... And neither one includes potions or lotions! You can cut them off, or you can have them removed via laser!

Since I’m a bit opposed to one cutting chunks off of the Big Kahuna, I opted for laser treatment, and it’s going great! Although it takes some time, I feel that it’s a much better treatment than simply cutting them out, but I’d go for cutting if it were the only option!

After many years of feeling regret and embarrassment from my tattoos, I decided that it was time to do something... And that something was Ink-B-Gone tattoo removal in Westminster Colorado, just north of Denver!

They have been in business since 2006, are on the “Denver A-List,” and have even been on the Tom Martino show.

My first appointment was a bit scary. Lasers are not exactly cotton candy and fuzzy bunny rabbits, so I was a little concerned about what would happen!

The research had been done, and I knew (Intellectually) what was going to happen. Although I must say I was a mess of nerves because I didn’t know how bad it would be!

I was greeted in a very modern and comfortable waiting room, by a friendly lady in a white lab coat and offered a water. Sounds stupid, but was very calming.

As for the treatment, you are taken to a private room that is reminiscent of an exam room at a clinic.

Your questions are answered and a price is agreed upon. But the nuts and bolts consist of a short time under the cool air and even shorter time under the laser!

The cool air is basically a machine that blows cold air at you like a vacuum running backwards. It’s purpose is to chill and numb the skin. Actually, since I started in the beginning of the summer, it seemed like something I wanted to take home to chill drinks and my face after mowing the lawn!

The laser comes next. The big scary laser that may cause excruciating pain and promises to sear off a layer of skin.... Or not!

Check back in on Thursday while you're nursing an over-stuffed belly full of turkey and beer! We'll see the rest of the appointment and wrap this little gem up!

Have a great week, I hope you celebrate with friends or family!


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