Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ink-B-Gone Part 2

Part 2 of tattoo removal.

The first treatment is pretty gentile. Treatment begins light, with increasing intensity over time. I had read some people’s accounts saying it feels like a grease burn and days of pain, but I don’t get it!

For me, the pain was similar to being snapped by a rubber band, about 30 times, and similar to a sunburn for about 20 minutes afterwords. Beyond that, the bandage was more uncomfortable than than the treatment by 10 fold!

Yeah, I can even smile with the laser snapping away!
After treatment, you just need to be cautious of the area and treat it similar to the way you did when the tattoo was put on. Just don’t put tight cloths on over it and keep it clean and dry. That’s it.

It does take some time for the tattoo to fade, because of the way a laser treatment works.
Essentially, the laser solidifies the ink and your body carries it away like any other infection.  Water helps, the more you drink, the better you are. But that goes for life in general doesn’t it!

Followup treatments are a bit more aggressive, but the pain level really doesn’t increase and the mental trauma is significantly less because you know what to expect.

Photo taken during actual procedure
On my particular tattoos, the colors are harder to remove, so there was some significant blistering on the blue and green areas during the more aggressive treatments, but still, I experienced next to no pain at all after the treatment. They look terrible, but it’s simply not a big deal!

I started with the attitude of “Last on, first off,” and continue to work on the rest. If that tells you how awful the pain is... It’s nothing compared to looking at a tattoo you hate in the mirror every morning. I have a total of 3 that I’m working on removing, and will begin the third after the first of the year.

Actually, truth be told, the pain is a lot less pain than having the thing put on in the first place!

As for the mental benefit, I’ve never felt so good about myself and the decisions that I’ve made in my life than I do after leaving the laser clinic! The feeling is somewhere between giddy and euphoric! It’s just nice to feel like you have control over something in your life. The term “10 feet tall and Bullet Proof” comes to mind!

Skin temporarily turns white after the treatment
I can’t explain my reasons for having my tattoos removed, and I suspect that they are as personal as the reasons that people have them put on in the first place. But if you have a tattoo that you regret, I’m pretty sure you understand.

When you are ready to have your regretted ink removed completely, or simply faded for a more effective cover up, I highly recommend that you see the folks at Ink~B~Gone or a laser center near you. It’s simply the only way to go!


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