Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Salty Swag

I must admit... I fell pray to both Black Friday AND Cyber Monday! I will NOT do the Friday thing again I can tell you that! But I do like to do a fair bit of shopping online, and that’s why I’ve decided to share with you a great clothing company that I think will fit right into your holiday shopping plans!

Photo courtesy of Coastlines and Tan Lines
Photo courtesy of Coastlines and Tan Lines
My friends at Coastlines and Tan Lines have been busting their asses for over a year lining out their business model... And the models for their business!

They have decided that, not unlike a few of our favorite breweries, they would bring you environmentally responsible products that you can feel good about purchasing!

Their koozies, not only really cool and collapsible so they fit right in the pocket of your favorite party shorts, but they are made of recycled wet suits, so they actually help reduce the rubbish in landfills.

The tee shirts, ROCK! Not only do they sport some sweet rum and pirate inspired designs, but they are made from organically grown cotton, and are softer than any 15-year-old shirt I own. It’s like they are already broke in and ready to head out for a night on the town... Or a day on the couch! (Your Choice)

Carl and Shawn, the faces behind the fantastic travel, beach, beer, rum and fun inspired photos and blog posts at Coastlines have put a lot of work and research into their products, and put their standards first.

I know both of these guys, and I call them not just friends... But brothers. ( I would say something like brothers in the sun, but there seems to be a lot of lawsuits and cease and desist orders floating around these days!)

Photo courtesy of Coastlines and Tan Lines
I can tell you that you’re in good hands when you shop at Coastlines and Tan Lines!

So unless you spend you whole wad while shopping on Cyber Monday, or you managed to complete your shopping list for the year, why don't you head on over to Coastlines and Tan Lines and see what you can find for that special someone on your shopping list!

Not that you care, but my shirt size is 3XL, and I like the black koozies best!

Check them out on Twitter @_Coastlines and on Facebook at facebook.com/coastlinestanlines


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RumShopRyan said...

Love my Coastlines and Tan Lines shirt! Cheers!

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