Thursday, November 29, 2012

No Beer Thursday?

No beer to share today, but I have a good reason.

Thanks to Chaddah over at “If My Coaster could talk” I have a 4 pack of Six Point Brewing’s RESIN IPA To share with you... But I didn’t want to waste it.

Normally, I’ll drink a beer anytime with anything. But since I only have 4 of these to partake in, and since it’s supposedly very good beer... Or very average, depending on who you talk to, I don’t want anything to cloud up my palate when I taste it.

By the time I got around to beer last night, I had pretty well destroyed my palate with a dinner that was spicy, salty and very acidic (That is to say Chips and salsa with a salad dressed with vinegar,) so I opted not to open anything new.

They (Whoever the hell “THEY” are) say that mornings are when your palate is most accurate, so I may give this a go and be ready to share on Saturday.

Also in the lineup for sharing is a nice little bottle of DFH 120 minute IPA that I will compare to a 90 minute.

Thanks for stopping in, make the most of the rest of your week.... Or at least get through it. You can see the weekend from here!



Corey said...

Beer Guy, if you like the Resin, I can get more of it for you and we can do a trade for some Dogfish. I live in Wisconsin (perhaps you'd like some New Glarus Brewery beer?) and Dogfish doesn't distribute in Wisconsin anymore.

Corey E

Charles Hoffman said...

Thanks Corey! I may have to take you up on that!

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The adventure never stops
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