Thursday, November 15, 2012

Planning begins

As we head into the shortened Thanksgiving week, I am bombarded with questions about what to pair with Turkey Dinner. I always have the same answer.

"Beer or Wine, Save cocktails and spirits for your after dinner cigar!"

People get all pissy at me for not having a specific beer brand or style to suggest, but I don't care. Sometimes, I dig a nice American Pale to go with the turkey.  Other times, I'm happier with a big IPA to help numb the taste buds. If dinner is really awesome, and the turkey and gravy are of stellar quality, I'd prefer to drink a sour brown or red ale. Something like The Dissident from Deschutes.

You know my motto... the one about drinking what you like! That holds true here! If you like a particular beer or wine, you're probabally going to like it with dinner. I have been known to bring two or three drinks to the table, comparing and deciding which one to finish. But that's just me!

So head off to this weekend with a bright eye, an open mind and an adventurous heart. You'll find something to drink with your dinner!  We may discuss this in a little greater detail as we get closer to the actual day!

Meanwhile, here's a fun video that the Videographer from Hell shot while we were in Key West! Thanks very much to Gary for the great coverage!


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