Saturday, November 10, 2012

Spending the money!

Why can’t I quit spending money? It seems like it just burns the hole in my pocket! But fortunately, there are a lot of cool gadgets that help put out the fire and keep me from ever becoming rich!

Last Saturday, I read online that sales of the iPad Mini were going a bit slower than expected and that people would likely be able to find them in the stores that are a bit more out-of-the-way. So we took off for Colorado Springs!

Unfortunately, our normal purveyor of Mac Trinkets didn’t have any, and wouldn’t for over a week!

But as we were eating, my shopping guru of a wife managed to find some at a Best Buy store and put them on reserve while we finished dinner and headed across town. FWIW, This is the superior hassle free way to buy from the Big Blue!

The wife seems like she always wants my technology once I have it, so this time I decided not to waste the time and fuel of a return trip to the city and just blow my entire stash of beer money for the week.

We ended up with the 64GB versions WiFi only. The 4G versions are still not out and I really don’t need to add another $50 to my monthly Verizon bill!

Kahuna’s Chick hasn’t normally been much of a “Heavy” user of technology. She plays three or four
word games and texts like mad, but that’s traditionally been it. She has experience with Droid platform from her three motorola Droid phones, and experience with iOS through her iPhone 4s, although she had not updated to iOS 6.

Her Kindle Fire was her main experience with tablet type surfing of the web.

She loves the Mini, and has barely put it down in a week. She has run the battery dry nearly every day for a week, but it takes her 8 or 9 hours to do so. The word games are large and easy to play. The accuracy of the touch screen is important because with her “nails,” she really doesn’t have a finger tip to use.

My “Tab experience” started with an iPad 1 that I bought to use in the airplane with ForeFlight software. I soon purchased an inexpensive Droid tablet (Review Here) because I was really concerned about the size and “Heft” of my iPad. I just didn’t like it. I will admit that most of it’s size and weight came from the Otter Box that it is in... But that thing is the reason I still have the iPad 1!

I can draw a comparison between the 1 and the Mini only in functionality and typical “Mac” ease of use. I have grown accustomed to using a bluetooth GPS receiver for the iPad, because thanks to in ill-informed salesman when I got the first one, I’ve never had built in GPS!

Beyond that, the Mini is smaller (DUH!) Lighter (DUH!) Faster and more solidly built! The New Retina Display is fantastic, by of us were seriously impressed, and has drawn me more than once to watch a movie on the iPad while I’m on the couch in front of the enormous LCD screen.

Shot and edited with iPad Mini

Apps run fast, photos look great and the internet is nearly fully functional (Sans Flash). The thing is just plain fun to play with, and when fun turns to work, it’s plum functional for that too! The only thing it doesn’t do is work with Blogger! So not likely I’ll be posting from the mini any time soon!

I definitely throw my support behind this product for anyone that thinks that they may be interested.



Mike said...

I like this post. Especially the cameo Rum Connection logo!

Charles Hoffman said...

Yeah... That's my favorite Pick I have taken of them!

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