Thursday, November 8, 2012

The thrill of the chase!

With new beers coming out left and right (That is Left Coast and Right Coast) you would think that everyone could find a brew to drink no mater where you are!

But alas, we are creatures of adventure and excitement. We yearn for the best, and once we have it we are immediately looking for something new.

On any given evening, I would gladly take a mediocre beer that I’ve never had over a good beer that I can get at will. I just like to try new things! And that is why the idea of a “Beer Trade” is so damned awesome!

Social media, mainly Google+, Twitter and blogs have allowed me to form working relationships with people that I would have never known existed, and some of those people are pure awesome! And that gives us limited access to beer that would not otherwise be available at all!

From state to state, and those right here in Colorado, I have traded homebrew and craft beer and always been damn happy about it! But there is one thing that always scorches my boil kettle about beer trades.


I shipped some beer off yesterday in a trade, where I will be soon receiving 4 cans of Six Point Resin.

That $9 four-pack of cans cost me an additional $19! WTF?

With major companies offering free shipping, I have to think that the shipping companies have some pretty good discounted rates available... We just don’t get them!

So I ask, who wants to take on the challenge of setting up a discount shipping club where brewers and beer enthusiasts can sign up, perhaps for a small fee, and get a discount code to use when shipping with either UPS or FedEx?

Perhaps if we had enough of us signing up, we could ship beer for less than double it’s retail cost!
I know this wouldn’t be a huge market for the shipping companies, but it would be a huge benefit to us!

I doubt they’d be up for it... But heck, it’s a nice thought!

As we head into the weekend, enjoy your local beer, keep your eyes open for something you’ve never tried before and be safe!

Have a great day!


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The adventure never stops

The adventure never stops
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