Saturday, November 24, 2012

Winter Wine

Wine country!

Doesn't that just conjure images of rolling hills of red soil lined with beautiful rows of lush green vines dotted with deep purple and green grapes, workers with large hats to shade them from the searing sun and radient blue skies?

So what the hell is there to see in Colorado Wine Country in the dead of winter... Say... Thanksgiving time?

Lots actually! We found ourselves in Palisade Colorado again, the day after Thanksgiving. Not being one to be able to drive past the Madery of the Rockies, we opted for a detour off of I-70.

There is a unique beauty to the barren branches where next year's harvests will grow. The trees stand naked where there will hopefully be a bounty of apples, peaches, grapes and now a few vines of hops growing through the summer in wait for the 2013 harvest season.

But for now, the fields are bare, the trees show not but a few stubborn leaves that refuse to fall and the fruit stands that dot the roadside are boarded up in wait for the warmer summer months.

But the wines are resting and plenty of bottles await the few tourists that trickle in. The tasting rooms are open but not over crowded with enthusiastic wine aficionados and fledgling enthusiasm.

This is a wonderful time to be able to get the attention of the wine steward pouring at the tasting room, usually a family member of winery.

During the high tourist season, hired help does the pouring and often knows little but the promo paragraph for each wine. This time of year, the help is gone back to college and the pouring is done by the family who pour more than the wine. They pour their heart and soul into their bottles and will gladly share the passion with you.

If you happen by a little winery and have time to stop, you'll do yourself well to stop in and have a pour.

If you have a few dollars leftover from your Black Friday shopping extravaganza, pick up a bottle of their hand crafted wine to take home with you. Or you could begin your Small Business Saturday Shopping by picking up several bottles and ensuring that you will never show up at any Holiday party empty handed!

Colorado Wine, or any locally produced wine from across the country makes a welcome gift that anyone would be glad to receive!

Have a great weekend.... I know we will!


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