Saturday, December 15, 2012

2 Bottles, Part 1

Ahoy fun lovers everywhere!!

You shopping today? We are! Hope you all have the great day we will! I’m set to meet up with a twitter pal for Lunch! (Perhaps Photos will come?)

Today, we have a 2 bottle conditioning comparison of mead. Honey Wine! The nectar of the gods! The ancient elixir that has charmed men and wooed women everywhere for centuries!

What we have here, are 2 commercial meads. Both holding the same name, and both from the same meadery. Both purchased at the same meadery.... One aged in my cellar for the last 3 years!
Apricot mead purchased from the Meadery of the Rockies in Palisade Co! If you don’t know of them, you haven’t been reading! I LOVE the mead that they produce, and I make no bones about it! But now I love them more... A few years ago.

As usual, I blind tasted them, and here is what I thought:

Glass 1:

The nose is sweet, aromatic and fruity. The appearance is 100 percent clear and sparklingly brilliant.
There is honey, a slight must with peach peel and apricot

Bright fruit forward clean flavor with no alcohol burn. A VERY Clean honey essence... not like honey you find on the shelf, but like you find in a fairy tail! Fruity apricot notes, but clean! Not a funky typical fake apricot flavor that you find in most products. No dried fruit. Everything seems fresh.

This is as clean as you’ll find in a flavor profile. It is crisp and refreshing, the body is between thin and slightly medium bodied. This mead is medium sweet.

There is a mildly bitter... or dry finish, typical of dry white wine.

Glass #2:

Foggy fruit, hidden behind a forresty, musty cloud. Perhaps a clalky nose? Also brilliantly clear, no
floaties and no haze. Very faint plastic aroma precludes the apricot, reminding me of a “scratch and sniff sticker.”

WOW! That’s sweet! Backed by a VERY mild alcohol burn and drying of the palate and tongue!  Not really a high finished gravity sweet, but MUCH more fruit forward than the first glass.The fruit is not hazy, but not as clean and honest as the first glass. It’s more like a canned fruit flavor compared to a fresh apricot. The finish has somewhat of a tinny sweetness to it that reminds me of licking the lid on a can of Mom’s peach preserves.... But apricot for sure!

The sweetness seems to cover most of the “Faults that I see as compared to the first glass, but compared to a glass of water, I would never call a fault.

Then I asked for a second glass of both!

Check back on Tuesday for my thoughts on glass #2 of both wines, and a synopsys of both!

Have a great rest of the weekend...

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