Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2 bottles, Part 2!

Thanks for checking back in! We are tasting 2 bottles of Apricot mead from Meadery of the Rockies.

Second run:
The honey flavor is SO much more pronounced. But more of a “Background” pronounced. The wine is first, somewhat of an alcoholic “White Grape Juice” sort of thing,  the honey is second and the fruit is third. Smooth as a baby’s bottom, there is no distinct transition from nose to palate to swallow to finish! It’s BALANCED! The tangy apricot flavor hits you right behind the back teeth, but is very
smooth. Not shocking in any way!

I must say that there are no cider notes, nor any dried fruit. This is a perfect example of a fruit mead. Aroma 9, appearance 10, taste 9, finish 10.

I don’t think that this combination has any room to improve.

Glass 2

This is not an attractive smell. After the second glass, this smells very mildly oxidized with an added musk that I’d gladly wear as a cologne.
The flavor is overly sweet and missing a finish!

Is this one the aged mead?

I make glass 2 out to sound awful, but without glass 1, I would gladly take this wine any night of any
week. It is approachable, fine flavored, and pretty damn good! Anything bad I say about 2 is in direct comparison to 1!

The results: SHOCKING!

Glass 1 is the three-year-old bottle. Despite my mention of “Mild Oxidation” on glass 2 and the question of age on glass 2! This is the strange thing about mead. Intellectually, I know imperfections tend to age out. And I think this is a prime example!

I will NEVER judge a mead as sub-par during the year it was purchased! EVER! It is glaringly apparent that it takes some time, even for a commercially available mead to reach some sort of quality assurance.

I don’t judge my homemade mead 3 weeks from it’s bottling, why the hell would I do that to any other mead? The fact is, consumer demand has provided a necessity to provide mead. Weeks from bottling, you better have a product that can be purchased... and drinkable!

Is a new bottle well aged? NO! Perfect? NEVER! Drinkable... HELL YES!

They have a system that provides a drinkable version that is ready within months! But it’s far from its potential!

The meaderies are NEVER going to age a mead.... at least one that we can afford, for three to five years! But you can! I purchased both bottles for basically $13 each! After 3 years in my basement, I’d gladly pay $25-$30 for a bottle of this quality! And for those interested, they are both screw top bottles!

So I say to those of you interested in mead, please buy 2 of anything you pick up! Drink one, save one... Let me know what you think!

I would be more than happy to discuss your findings!

Have a great week, and I will see you on Thursday!


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