Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bottling Day

And the Mr. Beer Saga continues with my least favorite of brewing tasks. Bottling Day!

Just on a whim, I opted to bottle the Light American Ale from the Mr. Beer kit last night. Everything went as planned, and it was pretty uneventful.

Sanitize bottles with included sanitizer, add 2 1/2 tsp Sugar (Yes, I did use table sugar) and fill with beer from spigot. Screw caps make the entire thing pretty simple.

I did take a gravity reading, and the final gravity was 1.010 which puts our little beer (VERY little beer) at right around 2.5% alcohol. Now that’s what I call a LIGHT beer!

Two things that I am really amazed about. First, how clear the beer was after only 11 days. My normal homebrew usually takes weeks to clear like this stuff did. Secondly, I’m amazed at how well thought out this kit is.

All 8 of the plastic bottles filled from the keg with no problem. I didn’t have so much leftover beer in the keg that I felt obligated to “Save” it and try to tip the thing for a bottle of trub beer. The screw tops are low speed and pig simple. This kit really is a no-brainer.

And the best part... The beer that came from my hydrometer sample... Wasn’t terrible. (Wasn’t great either)

Perhaps my low expectations will be a savior of this project.

Anyhoo... Have a great week, Talk to you on Saturday!


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