Saturday, December 22, 2012

Keeping the Mojo!

At some point, I tend to get bored with most things that I’m interested in. My attention span is like a light switch, once it’s on, it’s on all the way, and then when it turns off.... Boop! DARK!

Fortunately, it hasn’t been that way with craft beer!

It’s not terribly hard to stay interested. What with the thousands of beers that are on the market to keep your attention. It’s just about an endless horizon of beer. Once I find one I like better than most, I set off with renewed vigor to find one better than that! And the ones that are completely average, are still good enough to make a happy Kahuna.

But beer is a social lubricant. I think that it would get old just drinking alone. Fortunately, especially for a craft beer nerd like me that lives in BFE, with absolutely NO craft beer scene, there is social media to keep it lively.

My brewing took on a whole new level and intensity when I found where other people with the passion for making good beer collected and formed a community! I could get questions answered, I could get ideas from others and help the new guys to achieve greatness.

Twitter came from Homebrewtalk! I would not even be on twitter if not for @OlllllO and his tech-savvy responses and input on the forum.

From twitter, I met the likes of James Spencer @BasicBrewing from Basic Brewing Radio, a weekly podcast focused on all things homebrewing. Hell, I was even featured on his show in February 2011 for a mash experiment that I devised... Thanks to his show.

From podcasts, I have learned a lot, and been entertained for hours! Beer Tap TV, Should I Drink That, New Brew Thursday, the list goes on and on and on!

Then I found Blogs. The craft beer journaling's of The Beer Wench, Chaddah and even the less often updated sites like Fuglybrew. The inspiration I have gathered from these people has more than kept me on track and away from boredom when it comes to Craft Beer!

From these blogs, I’v come to find things like Untappd, an app for logging and sharing beers that you drink, and you can link them to your 4-square app to attach locations. This makes for some seriously fun reminiscing when you look back through your brew log!

With Craft Beer hitting the main stream in ways I never thought possible, there are even radio shows dedicated to it. And on some pretty fine radio stations at that! The Colorado Beer Show on AM 760 in Colorado is a great show dedicated to... You Guessed it.... CRAFT BEER!

I was pretty excited when Andy Lindahl gave a shout out to me on last night’s beer section of Prime Time Sports with Andy Lindahl on 850 KOA! A show on Colorado’s 50,000 watt blowtorch of the Rockies!

Andy has John Turk from the Colorado Craft Beer show come on and they talk BEER. With listeners in 38 states, 3 countries and a small moon, I’d say that’s pretty much hitting on all cylinders!

Craft Beer has brought a lot of new people into my life, some real friends, some fake internet friends and some just another name on the twitter feed. But I enjoy all of them.

I hope to see you on Christmas Day, as you recover from the shock of the wrapping paper and wait with angst for the turkey to finish up, stop by and have a beer with me!


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The adventure never stops
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