Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mr. Beer Part 1

Christmas is certainly on it’s way, and the Mr. Beer homebrew kit is still holding strong as the present of choice for the beer fan father-in-laws and testosterone soaked boyfriends everywhere.

The problem: The beer usually ends up somewhere between mediocre and BAD! Not unlike Alton Brown and his episode of “Good Eats” the system is basically sound, but seriously misses out on the finer points of making a good beer.

Charlie Papazian, the father of homebrewing in the USA... Nay... The WORLD, wrote in
his book, “The Complete Joy of Homebrewing” to RDWHAHB! That is to say “Relax, Don’t Worry, Have a Homebrew!”

This is very good advice! The number one thing that keeps the average “Would-be” homebrewer from making a fine brew is worrying too much!

As luck would have it, Beer is damn easy to make! If you provide a clean environment full of fermentable sugars for yeast to consume... And add the proper yeast, give it plenty of time and then don’t worry about it too much, you are going to make beer! It really is that simple!

But the problem with kits like a Mr. Beer, is that they try to over simplify the process and that often ends up with less than desirable results!

I have been a homebrewer since I was 21 years and 1 day old. I have been brewing “All-Grain” batches since 2008, and I have brewed some of the best... And WORST beers I’ve ever tasted!
Fortunately, I tend to learn from my mistakes!

It seems more than a little backwards for me to purchase a Mr. Beer kit at this point in my life as a homebrewer! But SO MANY people, perhaps even you, are given a Mr. Beer for a birthday or Christmas, and typically end up making a batch or two before delivering the equipment to a back office, closet or the basement to collect dust until the next yard sale season.

So here is my goal: I am going to show you, the average beginning brewer with a new Christmas Present how to make a kick ass beer using a Mr. Beer Kit! As usual, I’m not going to give you any Bull Shit, and I’m not going to do anything that you can’t do in the average apartment, household kitchen or well equipped motel room! We are going to use BASIC equipment and your Mr. Beer to make a better than average brew that will impress your wife, satisfy your “Beer Friends” and really disgust your Father-in-Law that thinks “Old Milwaukee” is the “Best beer in the Grocery Store!”

The first thing we must do us unpack. In the box, you’ll find the brown plastic keg, a valve that you must install and a lid. There are bottles to package your brew in, and lids for the bottles! There is a can of hopped malt extract and a ton of Mr. Beer Stickers!

I didn’t like the Mr. Beer stickers, so I decided to break into my “Sticker Stash” and properly adorn my new kit for added Karma!

We will begin with the syrup that came with the kit as a baseline, and get you ready to brew... Just in-case you end up with one of these kits for Christmas! With any luck, we will have a drinkable, although advisedly not great brew to drink before the big day!

Stick around and see how this goes! Be sure to leave comments for your preference for what style our next (AND A LOT BETTER) brew will be! Porter? Pale? Kolsch? Cream Ale? You decide, I will brew!


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