Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Party Time!

Ok boys and girls, it's time to start thinking about that Christmas Party. Of Course you know we will be bringing you a few drink ideas for keeping the uncomefortable conversations properly lubricated, but what about the parties that DON'T get run by a proper bartender like yourself?

Enter the Kahuna Swag!

The koozies are good for all sorts of events and happenings. You can use it to keep people from seeing that you're sipping on a good beer that you may have smuggled in, or to help deny yourself that you don't have good beer, so you're drinking free beer.

The flasks let you keep a little extra holiday cheer in your vest pocket or purse... you know, for when the moment arises.... or the margaritas are a bit weak! All you have to do is get out your Kahuna Flask and pour on a little "Heater" and the party will start to liven up in no time!

If you already have Kahuna swag... you can post picks of yourself living it up #KahunaStyle on the Facebook page or tweet them to @BigKahunaBrewer

If you have party picks, or sneaky picks of BigKahunaBrew stickers randomly placed in inappropriate locations, we want to see it! And just to make it easy for everyone to check out, I've created a new board on Pinterest just for you and your Kahuna Swag! Follow my boards at http://pinterest.com/bigkahunabrew/

Here are a few good ones from this week... just to get you started!

Kahuna Stickers go well with any street graffiti!

Hoping DFH Will make this a permanent addition to their labels!

Thanks to our friend Randall D. for taking us somewhere BEAUTIFUL!
Thanks for stopping in, I hope your week ROCKS!


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