Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gifts from the sea

It doesn't matter where you go on vacation, or even if you go on vacation. You have to eat.

Food is one of my favorite things in life, and I prefer the food that comes from the ocean... especially when I'm relaxing next to it.

That's why we chose to eat at Coco Blue in Redhook on St. Thomas.

Touted as the best seafood in town, and directly across the street from Duffy's Love Shack, I couldn't help but be impressed by their huge portions, delectable side dishes and very strong drinks.

I hope the picks make you drool a bit, I hope that the ocean finds you well and I hope you have a great week!



RumShopRyan said...

That place was fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I just can't wrap my head around why restaurants think that the head of a fish is something even remotely appetizing.

If I saw that arrive at my table, and didn't just instantly become nauseous, I'd send it back and likely not order anything else having lost my appetite.

We don't serve pigs heads, or cows heads, or chicken heads on plates at restaurants, so I don't understand why chefs think this is acceptable with fish.

That being said, the drinks look marvelous as did the other dish which looked to be some sort of sashimi? :)

Charles Hoffman said...

Well, anonymous, I would only say that culture, heritage and nature preclude that any meat we have does grow with a head. Fish especially, has great meat on the head, and I for one am not the least bit squeamish about eating it. The waitress asked if we wanted the head removed, but being as it's one of the best parts... the party who ordered it said no.
I suppose it's from a life in agriculture that leads me to a firm reality of where our food comes from, but I respect your view, and so did the restaurant. It could have been ordered without the head. I for one, would rather have the skin removed and the head on.... but that's just me.
As for the sushi.... YEAH! Yellow Fin Tuna Belly. SO GOOD! like fish flavored butter!
Cheers and thanks for dropping in!

Mango Eddie said...

Yep it was me, Mango Eddie who ordered that fish with the head on! It was Red Snapper and it was good eatin I tell ya.

I heard somewhere that if you look into the eyes of an animal while you consume it's flesh, you also consume it's soul...I mean what rum drinking mad man would pass up a chance at eating a soul?! Ok yea, excuse the darkness, it's been a long day and I am long overdue for some smooth rum...

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