Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Let’s share a beer! But I’ve got a great idea... Let’s share that beer at one of the most interesting bars I’ve had the pleasure of relaxing the day away in.

Let me set you the scene:

You are sitting atop one of the prettiest hills in the lush green tropical island of St. John. From your table under the awning, you can look out over John’s Folly Bay at the beautiful blue and green waters that separate you from East End Bay and Tortola. The resident turtle is sleeping the day away in a Barbie doll house, and laughing and joking of friends fills the air.

The warm breeze is just enough to keep the heat of the day from cooking your brain into rum soaked moosh.
As we sat drinking our frozen cocktails (Drink Right, Keep Left), something caught my eye.

The ONLY beer brewed on St. John, Drunk Bay Brewing Brown Ale, $5!

What about St. John Brewers I asked myself.... OH.... RIGHT.... Corporate willpower has that one brewed in the states now.

The Drunk Bay Brown is brewed within walking distance of the tables at the Tourist Trap, and is really nothing more than homebrew.

Pouring a deep rich amber color, it’s a tad lighter than I’d expected from a brown ale, but what the heck.... It’s de islands mon!

The head is off white and holds up reasonably well for the plastic cup I was sampling from.

The nose is of chocolate and roasted malt. It pairs nicely with the salty air!

The medium-light body was a surprisingly refreshing delivery system for the smoky peat flavors accompanying this otherwise underwhelming brown ale.

I wouldn’t call this one of the better homebrews I’ve had, but it certainly wasn’t the worst. What I can tell you for sure, is that this is the absolute BEST Homebrew I had on St. John, and that counts for a LOT!

Sometimes life is more about the quality of the experience than the quality of the beer, and when you put this beer together with the friends and the atmosphere... This one is one of my new top 10 most enjoyable beers of all time!

IF you’re lucky enough to find yourself at the tourist trap, Grab a Drunk Bay Brown Ale and you are just a sip away from total paradise!


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