Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pretty ladies, Big Kahuna and rum drinks

Big Kahuna’s Rum Shack

What do you get when you combine a traveling couple from Colorado with a traveling couple from Florida, add a little rain, a Caribbean Island and a day’s hardcore shopping?


When we decided to head into the Charlotte Amale shopping district with our friends from southern Florida, we knew the day would be great. Fun is never in short supply when two bald guys, the prettiest lady in the world and the second prettiest gal in the Caribbean get together! Adventure is inevitable!

The sky was dark with clouds, the air thick with rain and heat. The streets packed with the shuffling madness of tourists on shore leave from their cruise ship.

Mostly, I was there to hang out with two of the best people I know and keep the wife company as she shopped for a very specific charm bracelet and charms. The other couple were looking for shipwreck treasures, and all parties ended up happy with their bounty. But the day evolved and we ended up needing sustenance. 

 Fortunately, we came across a little frozen drink bar called Big Kahuna’s Rum Shack on the waterfront. Overlooking Charlotte Amale harbor, the setting could not be more photographic!

Big Kahuna’s is one of those places where the drinks come from slushy machines lining the walls, and we tried them all.... Even if I’m not a big fan of frozen drinks and the inevitable BRAIN FREEZE that comes with them, this place redeemed itself in short order.

After wiping the rain from our outside seats, we huddled in under the umbrella and ordered up a Pina Colada, Rum Runner, a Bushwacker and a Strawberry daiquiri.

The air was beginning to chill the ladies, so a Big Kahuna shirt was ordered and put on the tab to keep the Caribbean chill away. But before we had finished, the skies parted and the sun was beginning to shine.

To fuel our further expeditions that would take us to the likes of the Bones Rum store and back to Bolongo Bay, we ordered up some Caribbean Jerked Chicken and commenced to mow down like pirates on land for the first time in weeks.

Between the drinks, the company, the food and the location and view, I knew that I was indeed at home!

Should you find yourself on St. Thomas, either by plane or by ship, stop into Big Kahuna’s and have a drink. You can’t go wrong with the Big Kahuna!



RumShopRyan said...

Great times in the Caribbean mate! Cheers and great story!

Anonymous said...

hnoingBYea mon'.....looks like my kinda place! Out of the way, great weather and people and all the comforts of a U.S. City, wow....paradise found for sure!

Charles Hoffman said...

Thanks guys! It was one to remember for sure!

John H. Cunningham said...

Sounds like a great time! And you named a few spots that will appear in Buck Reilly book 3, so those memories will be refreshed when that comes out in few months! Enjoy!

Charles Hoffman said...

John... Now there is something I can't wait for!

Starfish Travel said...

Where did y'all shop for the charms? I like to collect one from every destination I visit when possible.

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The adventure never stops
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