Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Hook Part 2

(Talking about my Bone Fish Hook Necklace. See part one HERE)

As I began to realize that there may... Or may not be something to the “Power” of this charm, I decided that I’d be wearing it to the right most of the time, order another and have something funky and eccentric to hand down to my kids when I die! (Seeing as how I can’t afford to get each of them a piece of eight from the Atocha!)

The new charm arrived days before Christmas, not significant to the story, as I didn’t intend to hand them down for a LOT of years!  But I do have a spare on hand.

Today, in preparation for an extended leave from the farm, I was moving  a stock tank. They are made of fairly thin galvanized steel, and are not really THAT heavy.... Except for when they are full of dirt, rocks and wood!

A smart person would have scooped a majority of that stuff out before trying to move such an object!

I’m not very smart, but I can lift heavy things!

So off I went, as usual. Muscle and ego leading the way, common sense and relatively conscious thought trailing far behind. I was going to tip the tank up, then flip it over to dump the junk out so I could move it.

As I got just to what you would call an Olympic Power Clean, the 300+ pound tank slipped off my hands and fell on my chest where I caught it, took a deep breath and heaved it on over.

At the time, not a big deal. We call it #RanchLife. But in retrospect, I was very close to being trapped beneath a 300 pound tank, with my 12 and 8 year-old kids watching in horror!

As the tank fell, I felt something inside my shirt. I figured it was something that slid out of a pocket. Again, no big deal!

Later that evening, I discovered that my necklace was broken, my fish hook gone.  I knew immediately what happened!

Do you suppose it broke to let ALL of it’s energy, good luck, Karma or whatever you want to call it, out at once... So my kids didn’t have to see their dad laying under a stock tank?

Maybe, Maybe not.... But I’m wearing the broken one next to the new one for a while... Just in case!


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