Saturday, February 9, 2013

Contradicting ourselves

What the hell is wrong with us?

As a self proclaimed ambassador of Craft Beer, I try to promote the things I like and ignore the crap I don't. I try not to spend all my time bitching about Pisswater pale adjunct lagers, because that's time we could be sharing something pretty damn tasty! 

I figure that you don't need to hear, over and over, how much I despise the metallic taste of Bud Light. I just don't see that as a useful part of the discussion. I want to show you what I DO like, and hope that you'll like it too!

We, as beer guys, tend to contradict ourselves a lot. I know I'm guilty too.

Remember when Miller came out with the "Twisted Neck" Bottles?  We all spent a lot of time making fun of them for it... just like their "Triple Hopped" brewing process!

I do give big ups to +Breckenridge Brewery for their series of commercials making fun of the BMB marketing camps. They were not only funny, but really did a good job of pointing out the way the large companies market their inferior beer by making crazy stupid claims on TV.
And now we contradict ourselves.

I do love beer from it's proper glass, I even wrote about it... a LONG time ago. You can read about it here!

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I have to admit that the new beer glass from Sierra Nevada and Dogfish is damn cool, and I'll buy the first one I see... no question about it! But the bad news, is that they are pawning it off as having ridges to "aerate the beer on it's way into and out of the glass" WHAT?

The "Olfactory Cannon" is going to be shooting the best of American IPA aroma right up my nose as soon as I can put my paws on one, but seriously? We need additional friction of the ridges to aerate the beer? 
I guess that Dogfish and Sierra Nevada want our beer to be... twisty?

Again, I don't have a problem with them adding any kind of twists or turns, curves or bulbs, laser etched logos, thin rim, thick bottom fancy shit they want to add to their glass ware.

What I have a problem with is the snobbery that has taken over the craft beer scene. We were too good to give any respect to Miller when they put twisty necks on their beer bottles, but now that it's in a glass with DFH etched on the side, it's such an amazing product that we should all have 2 or 3!

We are all looking for good times, and good beer... right? So why do we spend so much time bashing one beer or brewer, or idea or another? 

And that is where I will leave it today. Next week I will continue this line of thought, but we're going to share a beer while we do it!

Have a great weekend!

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