Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ginger Ale / Beer

One of my favorite canned beverages has been Ginger Ale... since I was a kid! With rum, or strait outta the can, I just find it fun and refreshing!

Ginger BEER is another story, it's spicy and bold. When mixed with Rum or whiskey it adds a lot to the flavor, and it's essential for a proper Dark-n-Stormy.

Here in Eastern Colorado, our choices are very limited for Ginger Beer, so when I managed to scoop up three different brands in one day, I was pretty excited.

For Saturday, I'll be reviewing each of them to see which one I'm going to need to stock. I will be trying them plane, then with rum and maybe with a splash of bourbon. we will see.

Anyway, have a great week.

Find something tasty my friends!



Dave Butler said...

If you like Ginger, you might want to try Angry Orchard's ginger hard cider. It's one of my favorites from that brand.

Charles Hoffman said...

Thanks Dave! I will certainly keep my eyes open for it!

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The adventure never stops
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