Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Golly that's good!

So, I was going to do a bunch of ranting about Big Beer vs. Little Beer. I was going to point out that BMC Makes a LOT of beer for people who genuinely love their products.

I was going to point out that companies like Beck’s and Hoegaarden that are owned by big corporations should be judged by their beer, not their parent company.

I was going to point out that my favorite overall brewery, New Belgium Brewing, INC is in no significant way different that InBev. As a business structure, they are the same. What is different, is the beer they make. They play to their audience, just like BMC.

I was going to point out that my second favorite IPA in the world, Avatar Jasmine IPA from Elysian Brewing Company is produced by a corporate sellout... Kinda. Elysian is a trade name owned by that big bad Craft Beer Giant, New Belgium Brewing, INC. Sorry corporate SOB’s that make great beer and make jobs for their greedy owners! (Fairly funny statement since they are now 100% Employee owned!)

Also very funny given that Elysian makes a beer called “Corporate Beer Sucks!” It’s all image, and
I’m sick of politicizing beer and fighting over image!

I said to +BREWPUBLIC last Friday, "We need to judge EVERY beer on it’s own merits!" Not it’s parent company, not it’s name, and not by the price or taxidermy on the bottle!

Brewpublic has a great beer blog, and is one palate that I know I can trust, and like me, he doesn't do a lot of BS. If he likes it, he'll say so, if not... same deal!

This started by my commenting on one of his Instagram picks.... Follow me on Instagram HERE:


I’m here for the beer! And today I’m sharing a Beck’s Sapphire with you!

Refreshing aroma, light hints of tropical fruit, barely any hop aroma, sweet malt.

Wonderful dark gold color. Bright white head that dissipates quickly.

Caramel malt undertones, and definite Pilsner style. Plenty of body to be satisfying, but light enough to be quite quaffable. Precisely the right hop bitterness to balance a touch of sweetness left from the malt. Still not really any hop nose.

With every swallow, I keep bracing myself for a metallic corn throat punch that I have come to expect from beers in this style.... And by Big Beer owned crafts. This doesn’t have it. They claim to stick to Reinheitsgebot, and I don’t see any evidence to doubt that. 

Not being a huge pilsner guy.... In-fact, being a guy that actively dislikes pilsner style beer, I’m impressed! Actually, I’m more than impressed. I am finding a little tough to not gush with this beer.

It’s honestly the best of this style that I’ve ever had... Granted I’ve been limited to the BMC versions of Pilsner and a few really bad craft versions... But this is damn good beer!

Super clean, no off flavors. So well balanced that I bet it could walk a tightrope over the Royal Gorge without a safety net, and the bottles a DARK BLACK with pry off tops. Can you say Homebrewers Dream!

I seriously can’t find anything bad to say about this beer!

If you’re having Big Beer Panty Bunching issues with trying of liking this beer... Just get over it. I don’t care who makes it, what’s in it... Or even if their commercial leads me to think Tequila Rose....

This is a damn fine brew, and the only one you’re hurting by protesting InBev, is yourself!

On the Kahuna Scale of 1-10.... Beck’s Sapphire gets a solid... “Hell Yes, I’d order that beer every time!”


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