Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Got a Pizza in the Oven

First, I want to thank everyone for the Birthday wishes yesterday! It’s good to have made it through this many years, and even better to think that I may be blessed with even more of this crazy brand of fun!

During our traditional weekend trip to the city, we tracked down yet another brew pub in Colorado Springs. I can’t help but think someone could spend a lifetime searching them all out!

We were driving along and whipped a big crazy driver move on Highway 24 heading back from Cripple Creek when we saw the Colorado Mountain Brewery that is located in a railroad roundhouse.

This location was a historic pottery showcase when I was a kid, so I’m always looking that way when we drive by.

 This is not an all good review, I am sorry to say. With an AMAZING layout that every bar, restaurant or brew pub would be jealous of, and an enormous wood fired pizza oven that leads your eye into a completely open kitchen, I must say that they are missing an opportunity!

This is the type of place where you want to avoid the 9 big screen TVs that are playing and look to the kitchen! Watch the guy making pizza, chat with him, have a few beers and eventually talk him into taking a picture with your party!

Unfortunately, the dude there when we were in, was crustier than his pizza, had a shit attitude and even though you couldn’t hear it, was cursing constantly as he scowled across the kitchen and threw tickets all over the place. It was almost a full-on tantrum. Too Bad, but I will say his pizza was 100%!!

I tried two of the “House Brews,” including the Blond and the Black IPA. The blond screams “Cream Ale,” and the Black IPA is just a watered down, dry-hopped Porter. Neither one deserving of comment either way. Not great, not bad.

Somehow Soup seems the theme recently.... Maybe this old age thing.  So I tried the Beer Cheese Soup! I will only say that it tasted like Nacho Cheese with Beer and JalapeƱos! If you don’t like that, don’t order it..... I asked if they could fill a growler for me!

As you’ve seen, I’m big on ordering the Ahi Salad when I don’t know a restaurant. Kahuna’s Chick likes Fish and Chips. Both hit our table in no-time.

The Ahi was perfectly seasoned and seared. The spinach was fresh and flavorful, with a raspberry type vinaigrette that may be the best I’ve had anywhere. Bite number 1 had me in heaven! Bite # 2 put on the breaks!

Bite #2 was full of lightly battered fried red onions, pine nuts, grilled red pepper and bacon bits. (Lord forgive me for saying) even though I love Bacon, the added ingredients turned this typical light, airy summer salad into a 100 pound gut punch grease bomb! I should have gotten a burger! I didn’t even finish it.... Although I did pick out every bit of that wonderful Ahi! Can’t win ‘em all!

Ok, three other plates on the table broke down like this: Fish and Chips got a full 2 thumbs up from Kahuna’s Chick and the Pizza had us wishing we had room in the freezer to take 3 or 4 of them home. The Mac-n-Cheese.... EVERYONE was a fan!

Moral of the story, If you find yourself at a brewery with a wood oven, right out front for god and everyone to see.... Order a pizza and a house beer! This place is no different!

I hope you all are destined for a great week.... We will be looking at some more moonshine before the week is out!


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