Thursday, February 14, 2013

Why Valentines's Day?

Our good friend and residtnt rumologist at the Rum Bar in Key West Florida, Bahama Bob, lends a bit of rum soaked wisdom and a great cocktail to keep the 14th a happy day in February! 



St. Valentine's Day: Why do we do this?

    Valentine's Day is a day we celebrate every February 14th, but why?  Hallmark is the beneficiary, but what are we really celebrating?    We are celebrating the execution of a man named Valentine during the rein of Claudius the Cruel, as Emperor of Rome.  
Valentine, a priest in Rome would perform secret marriages for young lovers in a time that Claudius had ban all marriages and engagements in Rome.   Claudius felt that the attachment to family and wives would keep young men from joining the army that he needed to maintain control of Rome.   
When Claudius discovered that Valentine was doing this, he was arrested and ordered to that he be put to death.  

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