Saturday, March 30, 2013

Meet our friends

What a busy few days around the Kahuna Castle!

As we work out some last minute details for an upcoming brew, we are also getting things squared away for our upcoming trip to St. John and planning some other fun little escapes for the summer.

We have books to review, beers to share and fun to have!

Today I want to introduce two of our fun friends that Trek around beautiful locals and bring you great coverage of their travels and beautiful photography!

Mango Eddie and Passion Fruit Sista are both  fun people that I think you'll certainly like!

Check out their video and then check out their blog, Caribbean Soul Trekkers!

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Aloha Video

Well, I was planning to have a beer to share with you all today, but I changed my mind.

Thanks to a few people giving some very posative feedback, I'm sharing a video with you instead.

Sit back, relax, have a dose of the beautiful island of Oahu!

I hope that little dose of ALOHA helps get you through the rest of the week!

Thanks for stopping in, and I'll see you back here on Saturday!


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Multi-Talented Traveler Part 2

Welcome back. We are talking about what you get from traveling, and the different attitudes to take while doing so. Catch up HERE

Two examples from our recent trip include bartenders and tourist attitude.

Our bartenders at Jimmy Buffett’s both grew up less than 20 miles from where we were sitting. When we asked about Cuttlefish, a local snack treat that resembles beef jerky, we were told that we should definitely try it right away!

Sometimes, I'm just a tourist!
I have been seeing Cuttlefish in the ABC stores around Hawaii since I was 8 years old. It always struck me as nasty! Dried fish? No Thank You! And the only people I’d seen eating it were the Japanese tourists that would occasionally pick up a bag as I stood by watching with the astonishment of a country kid from Colorado watching things I’d never seen!

On their recommendation, we tore into the very first bag of soft cuttlefish I’d ever purchased.
Salty, fishy, delicious! This stuff was made for a guy like me! It is exactly what I expected. It tasted like the ocean smells! Very gamey, very salty, very fishy.... The perfect complement to our Long Board Lager!

I have officially wasted 28 years of my life! Because I was too squeamish to taste a local treat while on “Tourist” vacation. What an idiot! This stuff is amazing!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Multi-Talented Traveler

I tend to be a bit of a dreamer. I like to forgo reality and indulge in a bit of escapism. I read a lot of travel blogs and I listen to the stories of anyone who will tell them. I hope that’s why you are here... To listen to my stories.

I must admit that I was stricken by a comment made by my friend Shawn at +Coastlines and Tan Lines  when he said, "Be a traveler, not a tourist."

When we travel, we do it in one of two styles.

We travel to learn. We (Kahunaschick and I) travel to soak in local culture, experience the things we do not get at home. Food, music, history and local flair. This can be a challenge! Just like any of us, the people who live in tropical and eccentric destinations still live life. Just like the rest of us, they get up, eat and go to work. If they are lucky, they have a local beer to unwind with when their shift is over, but then they have kids and housework. They live there. They are not on vacation!

This makes it a bit of a challenge to work your way into their culture in the few days that we have to experience all a destination has to offer.

Often times, I like to travel to destinations where we have a “Local Connection.”  Often times, that means hooking up with a twitter pal or someone who follows this blog to show us the local scene.

Once in a while, it means traveling with someone who is experienced with a destination, and occasionally it’s both.

When we traveled to St. John in January, we were lucky enough to be with a couple who had spent some time on the island, as well as with +RumShopRyan - Caribbean Escape Blogger , a man who may love this island more than any place on earth. Sometimes seeing a location through the eyes of another is quite rewarding!

Our other often engaged in method of travel, is pure tourism. Take for example our recent trip to Hawaii. It’s easy, it’s high dollar, and it’s rewarding as hell! But it still includes some education and soaking in of culture.

When traveling places like Hawaii, I like to do the “Tourist Trap” excursions. I love going to a Luau that picks you up at the hotel, takes you on a bus ride with a smart ass host, telling jokes, tossing in bits of local history and culture, pointing out a few local landmarks along the way and informing you how to get through the luau with the least amount of effort.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Looking for something new

Looking for something new today. Spring is here, the weather isn't!

Let's set our sights to the horizon and see if we can find something new to experience!

Hope you find what you are looking for!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Live at Jimmy Buffett's

Well, it was live when we recorded it anyway! 

This video is a shout out to the organizers of the Conched in Key West Bar Crawl, but also serves as a reminder to you!

The time is NOW to book your weekend getaway for the end of September! Come party with us, come enjoy yourself, come help us raise money for a great charity!


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Not that green!

As with everything in life, there are two ways to look at this post!

I have either failed you, by not having some ridiculous story about armature night... AKA St. Patricks Day, complete with stupid stories of puking in the street and photos of green beer... Or at least pictures of regular beer with green trinkets hanging from the glass!

Or, I have let you sail your course on this holiday with your own compass, trusting that you will make a fool of yourself, without making an ass of yourself, have fun and be safe... All without me holding your hand!

You can either believe that I am slacking on the beach in Waikiki, as a lazy beer drinker, wasting the days away and burning my bald forehead in the sun for no good reason, or that I am diligently working to bring you the beach and relaxation from Oahu, as only I, your fearless Big Kahuna could do!

I suppose, I figure that you all have this down! So I've decided to leave you be, while I go in search of a little escape to get you through the hangover and weeks to come between now and mowing the back yard!

In the first 24 hours on the island, we had eaten Breakfast beneath the oceanarium, a 280,000 gallon salt water aquarium, snorkeld at Hanauma Bay, eaten at Jimmy Buffett's and shopped the International Marketplace. Eaten a wonderful Ahi Tuna Salad... Sorry, no picks (too dark) and drank local beer and rum on the balcony overlooking Waikiki beach!

As you head into this crazy holiday of excess and green urine, please do it with caution! I want to share these stories with you, but I will need some time to make it happen!

Enjoy your night out, party it up! Drink lots of water, and be careful!

I don't call it amateur night for nothing!

May the luck of the Irish be with you! May you find fun, adventure and wild times! May you expand your palate, try new things and drink what you like!


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Old Monk

Sitting in the house during a blizzard is somewhat akin to waiting out a hurricane. At least in the fact that it’s a good reason to break out a bottle of rum and a few glasses to help pass the time until the digging out begins.

Here at Kahuna HQ, we popped out a bottle of Old Monk XXX 7 year and I thought you might like to share it with us!

Old Monk is an Indian dark Rum, blended and aged for a minimum of 7 years. It is a dark rum with an alcohol content of 40%. It is produced in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, and caught my eye with a cool bottle and sub $20 price tag.

This rum pours a beautiful dark amber color showing right away there is some dark molasses in there.

The nose is of sweet butterscotch and vanilla.

The first sip, neat as always, is sweet and smooth. There is considerable butterscotch and vanilla, but there are hidden notes of dry fig burnt sugar, honey and very little alcohol burn.

This rum is sweet and thick, but manages to finish dry and subtle.

Adding a splash of water opens up the vanilla quite a bit and morphs the butterscotch into more of a black strap molasses and maple flavor.

Seeing as how I picked this bottle up because Kahuna’s Chick decided it was a cool bottle, and it cost less than feeding the kids at McDonalds, I’m dancing a little pre-St. Patricks day jig!

Ending up this tasting session with my totally ghetto Rum Punch, I am just really impressed. I guess I didn’t expect much from an Indian Rum. I cannot say why. I’ve never heard anything bad about them... I was, perhaps, expecting curry and Chai? Who knows what gives a person preconceived thoughts about rum? I’m just very glad that I took this one on.

This is a very good rum, especially for the price! I would not call it “Top Shelf” but it is certainly good enough to sip neat, and it has a complex enough flavor profile to keep me working through it for some time.

I will not likely be satisfied until I’ve used this rum in every mixed drink I know, and mixing it with every liquid in the house.

On the ‘ol Kahuna scale of 1-10, I am rating this rum just over “try it if you see it!” I think it’s big enough to keep more seasoned rum guys happy, but approachable enough for someone just trying to get into rum.  And I can totally see me and a few “Pirate” friends pillaging a bottle of Old Monk XXX during a night on the town!

Have a great weekend and be safe!


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

SEX appeal and beauty!

What is beauty?

There are people in this world that have become the symbols of beauty. There are plenty of sex symbols in our society! From the Swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated.... (Not much more that an excuse for thousands of me to purchase year-long subscriptions in the name of Basketball to get that one issue full of boobies)  to Maxim, to Playboy and Hustler. But what are they selling?

Beauty and Sex are so far removed from reality, that I cannot even put it into words! Selling SEX is easy. Everyone from Coke to 10 cane Rum sells their products with busty broads and six-pack sporting male models in low slung bikini thongs or board shorts.

And don’t get me wrong.... The offerings from Conch Republic Bikinis are more than stellar.... In-fact, I keep sliding the wife her “Zipper Kini” on Friday nights... But that word “Beauty” has so much more meaning than big boobs and six-pack ab’s!

Thank god for me.... And HUNDREDS of craft beer guys around the nation, that there are people who see beauty in the most unsuspecting places!

Huge beards, bald heads, thick rim glasses and beer bellies may never make the pages of SI... But I say "Screw ‘em! "

For my money... I’ll take a woman... Like Kahuna’s Chick that sees beauty in a fat man with a big heart!  It just means so much more than a rock star with a rock hard..... abdomen!

Real men like real beer and just the same, real women, they are neither thin nor flavorless. We don’t leave you wanting something extra... We leave you thinking... Damn!

Today I want to share with you the vocal styling of a man who was neither thin nor flavorless. His appearance is more than enough to turn LOTS of simple minded idiots off, but to me, with my limited exposure, and inability to say I’ve ever met him, strikes me as one of the most beautiful people to grace this fine planet!

Israel Kamakawiwo╩╗ole (IZ) is a Hawaiian original. A one of a kind. And a beautiful voice attached to a beautiful person!

His life, his music and his personality all point to one thing.... Love. Take it for what it is, enjoy it, and make it your way of life!

I would give all that I have in this world, short of my wife and kids, to share a beer with this salty man of the islands and just BS with him for a while!

Dying at the age of 38, the world suffered a huge loss on June 26, 1997! At 700 plus pounds... This giant of a man leaves this Kahuna feeling more like a scraggly ass leprechaun than a Kahuna!

I choose to believe that his body died because his beauty and personality became too large for his tiny body!

Even his funeral, the scattering of his ashes, was featured in the video of “Somewhere over the rainbow.” Can any of us hope to be immortalized like this? I can’t!

Please enjoy these videos as we soak in a small part of what Oahu has to offer!

Look for more Hawaii posts to come forth in the near future on BKB!


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Time to run away!

Diamond Head, Oahu Hawaii.
The wind is here, blowing around 35 mph,

The sleet is turning to full on snow.

Bunk in and stay safe on the roads. We've got to head for palm trees on Wednesday!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

See ya in the sunshine!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ginger Love

Aloha peeps! How is your week? If you're thirsty... and I know you are, let's taste some Ginger Beer!

Saranac 1888 Ginger Beer

 Clear, golden and very carbonated.

Medium strong ginger aroma, medium ginger flavor, hints of vanilla. Medium sweet. This is very good by itself.

All but no spice or burn from the ginger.

Add a splash of Gosling’s Black label and this becomes a very refreshing rum drink. The aroma holds up well with the rum, and the vanilla melds well with the Black Label. What I do want, is a touch of spice to counteract the sweetness.

I give Saranac 3 conch shells out of 5. It’s so average that I can’t stand it, but would not hesitate to buy it again!

Both of my kids tasted and liked this one. It's spicy enough to make me happy, but subdued enough that it's a tasty option for drinking right out of the bottle while watching movies. (Wonder how it pairs with popcorn?)


Barritts Bermuda Stone Ginger Beer

Hazy off white color, slightly less carbonation than the Saranac.

The nose is of grapefruit and ginger, neither one overly strong.

Ginger and sugar dominate the taste, with very light spiciness. This is very sweet, and the taste of the cane sugar is its most striking feature.

Adding Rum, deleted the nose. The rum completely wipes out any aroma that the ginger beer has brought to the party. Actually, it pretty much wipes out all of the ginger beer all together.

The mixed version could be easily duplicated with Rum, Simple Syrup, soda water and a dash of cayenne pepper.

This one only gets 2 conch shells. It’s ok alone, but it simply doesn’t stand up to the rum!


Cock ‘n Bull

The only one with a recipe on the side (For a Moscow Mule) pours a hazy straw color. Lightest carbonation of the three.

There is a distinct lack of ginger aroma, but the flavor is full of ginger and cola. It’s almost like there is a splash of Coke in the glass.

There is a nice spice that builds as you drink. Becoming fairly predominate in the back of the throat by about your third drink.

Adding a healthy splash of the Black Label is the best of the day! The rum seems to bring out a bit of the ginger nose, the rum brings down the sweetness to a perfect level and the flavors blend marvelously!

The spice of the ginger holds up against the rum and leaves a comfortable burn on the palate and throat.

This one could have 5 conch shells if I hadn’t ever had Goslings ginger beer, but it’s just not quite that good. So I’m giving this 4 1/2 shells. It’s just damn fine!

Seagram’s Ginger Ale

Pours perfectly clear and effervescent without being overly carbonated.

The nose is of sugar, lemon, lime, and a touch of ginger.

The flavor is very soda-like, resembling Sprite more than any of the ginger beers. I could... And do, drink this all day long! Medium high sweetness leaves me wanting to add rum.... So I did.

The Gosling’s mixes well with Ginger Ale, but please do not even pretend that this is akin to a Dark-n-Stormy! There is no spice, very little ginger and it’s not even a distant cousin.

This example gets NO SHELLS.... Because it’s not ginger beer. Apples and oranges if you will.

Ginger Ale is one of my go-to mixers, and I’m familiar with it, but it’s NOT Ginger Beer! It’s a great place to park a dram of whiskey, or a splash of rum... Even a jigger of Gin works pretty well!

I never realized that there was such a HUGE difference between Ginger Ale and Ginger Beer, but I’m convinced that they both have their place.

For what it's worth, the kids preferred the Saranac best of all, then the Ginger Ale. Neither one of them wanted a second taste of the Cock n Bull or the Barretts. This is somewhat useful if you have chillen around the house, because they like to be involved and have a drink once in a while too... at least a drink of the mixer! 

I hope you get to grab a few bottles or cans of Ginger Beer and mix up a little something spicy to help warm you up on the next cold and snowy evening!

Have a great week!


The adventure never stops

The adventure never stops
with the Buck Reilly series