Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ginger Love

Aloha peeps! How is your week? If you're thirsty... and I know you are, let's taste some Ginger Beer!

Saranac 1888 Ginger Beer

 Clear, golden and very carbonated.

Medium strong ginger aroma, medium ginger flavor, hints of vanilla. Medium sweet. This is very good by itself.

All but no spice or burn from the ginger.

Add a splash of Gosling’s Black label and this becomes a very refreshing rum drink. The aroma holds up well with the rum, and the vanilla melds well with the Black Label. What I do want, is a touch of spice to counteract the sweetness.

I give Saranac 3 conch shells out of 5. It’s so average that I can’t stand it, but would not hesitate to buy it again!

Both of my kids tasted and liked this one. It's spicy enough to make me happy, but subdued enough that it's a tasty option for drinking right out of the bottle while watching movies. (Wonder how it pairs with popcorn?)


Barritts Bermuda Stone Ginger Beer

Hazy off white color, slightly less carbonation than the Saranac.

The nose is of grapefruit and ginger, neither one overly strong.

Ginger and sugar dominate the taste, with very light spiciness. This is very sweet, and the taste of the cane sugar is its most striking feature.

Adding Rum, deleted the nose. The rum completely wipes out any aroma that the ginger beer has brought to the party. Actually, it pretty much wipes out all of the ginger beer all together.

The mixed version could be easily duplicated with Rum, Simple Syrup, soda water and a dash of cayenne pepper.

This one only gets 2 conch shells. It’s ok alone, but it simply doesn’t stand up to the rum!


Cock ‘n Bull

The only one with a recipe on the side (For a Moscow Mule) pours a hazy straw color. Lightest carbonation of the three.

There is a distinct lack of ginger aroma, but the flavor is full of ginger and cola. It’s almost like there is a splash of Coke in the glass.

There is a nice spice that builds as you drink. Becoming fairly predominate in the back of the throat by about your third drink.

Adding a healthy splash of the Black Label is the best of the day! The rum seems to bring out a bit of the ginger nose, the rum brings down the sweetness to a perfect level and the flavors blend marvelously!

The spice of the ginger holds up against the rum and leaves a comfortable burn on the palate and throat.

This one could have 5 conch shells if I hadn’t ever had Goslings ginger beer, but it’s just not quite that good. So I’m giving this 4 1/2 shells. It’s just damn fine!

Seagram’s Ginger Ale

Pours perfectly clear and effervescent without being overly carbonated.

The nose is of sugar, lemon, lime, and a touch of ginger.

The flavor is very soda-like, resembling Sprite more than any of the ginger beers. I could... And do, drink this all day long! Medium high sweetness leaves me wanting to add rum.... So I did.

The Gosling’s mixes well with Ginger Ale, but please do not even pretend that this is akin to a Dark-n-Stormy! There is no spice, very little ginger and it’s not even a distant cousin.

This example gets NO SHELLS.... Because it’s not ginger beer. Apples and oranges if you will.

Ginger Ale is one of my go-to mixers, and I’m familiar with it, but it’s NOT Ginger Beer! It’s a great place to park a dram of whiskey, or a splash of rum... Even a jigger of Gin works pretty well!

I never realized that there was such a HUGE difference between Ginger Ale and Ginger Beer, but I’m convinced that they both have their place.

For what it's worth, the kids preferred the Saranac best of all, then the Ginger Ale. Neither one of them wanted a second taste of the Cock n Bull or the Barretts. This is somewhat useful if you have chillen around the house, because they like to be involved and have a drink once in a while too... at least a drink of the mixer! 

I hope you get to grab a few bottles or cans of Ginger Beer and mix up a little something spicy to help warm you up on the next cold and snowy evening!

Have a great week!


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Team Cocktail said...

We love a good ginger beer...especially to go with our vodka! Moscow Mules are a Team Cocktail favorite! Don't get me wrong...we like a good dark & stormy too! Cheers!

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