Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Multi-Talented Traveler Part 2

Welcome back. We are talking about what you get from traveling, and the different attitudes to take while doing so. Catch up HERE

Two examples from our recent trip include bartenders and tourist attitude.

Our bartenders at Jimmy Buffett’s both grew up less than 20 miles from where we were sitting. When we asked about Cuttlefish, a local snack treat that resembles beef jerky, we were told that we should definitely try it right away!

Sometimes, I'm just a tourist!
I have been seeing Cuttlefish in the ABC stores around Hawaii since I was 8 years old. It always struck me as nasty! Dried fish? No Thank You! And the only people I’d seen eating it were the Japanese tourists that would occasionally pick up a bag as I stood by watching with the astonishment of a country kid from Colorado watching things I’d never seen!

On their recommendation, we tore into the very first bag of soft cuttlefish I’d ever purchased.
Salty, fishy, delicious! This stuff was made for a guy like me! It is exactly what I expected. It tasted like the ocean smells! Very gamey, very salty, very fishy.... The perfect complement to our Long Board Lager!

I have officially wasted 28 years of my life! Because I was too squeamish to taste a local treat while on “Tourist” vacation. What an idiot! This stuff is amazing!

But it leads to a story, of me and the wife, sitting bar-side, at Jimmy Buffett’s, on Waikiki, with our last beers before the taxi took us to the airport... I tried Cuttlefish for the first time!  These are the magic moments that make life worth living! These are the stories of our lives!
A Story I won’t soon forget! Even as a pure tourist!

The strange part of this predicament, is that if I had been thinking like a traveler, as opposed to a tourist, I would have gladly tried the cuttlefish years ago, and never had a squeamish bone in my body about it.
 This is where I think it’s best to tackle vacations, hell... Life in general, with the “Traveler” attitude.

We all waste a day here and there, lounging on the couch watching some stupid mindless entertainment to pass the day, but most of us only get a limited few days of travel and vacation. That may be why we run our asses off when we are on vacation. We have things to see!

As I reflect on our Hawaiian vacation, I see that my “Traveler” instinct took over more than once.
The first Sushi place I had ever seen as a kid was Furusato Sushi on Kalakaua Ave across the street from Waikiki Beach.

When I was a kid, we would walk by, I would peer in and see the beautiful colors of fish and rice. Their menu board on the street made me drool, although I had no idea how it worked or why it wasn’t cooked.

To a farm kid from Eastern Colorado, it all just looked like something you were supposed to take home and put on the grill!

But this time... My brother and his girlfriend and I took the time to step in and try some of their wonderful food. Best part... My 8 year old son decided he wanted to tag along! That boy is going to be a traveler too!

We scanned the menu for a long time! 5 or 6 pages of fantastic looking samplers, rolls and sashimi.

We finally decided on what to order and a 27 year dream of mine came to fruition. I ate sushi at the very first place I ever saw it.

Was it the best sushi ever? No. Was it a good value? Not really. In-fact, it was over-priced and average, but the experience was more than I can put into words! As a tourist, I would not be very happy with this restaurant, but as a traveler.... I'm pretty damn glad we took this one in! 

There are countless other stories and tales to tell from this trip that I’m hoping to put on paper as time permits, but for now, I suppose I will leave you with a fond Aloha and Mahalo, and try to find a good beer to share with you on Thursday!



Shawn M said...

I like cuddlefish man. Gross looking little buggers but damn good!

Charles Hoffman said...

I've been missing out! I love that salty, fishy, bate-like thing! Does anyone eat it fresh? like Squid?

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